Knowledge in English

English language and communication

These PPTs contain idioms,phrases,one word substitutes which are helpful to students in order to improve their Communication skills.Using these words in daily life brings a huge difference in communicating effectively.

Ancient architecture of India

This contains information about the ancient architecture of India in the Ashoka and Mauryan periods.

English grammar vocabulary synonyms

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Complete Manufacturing of blue jeans

This document contains complete information on manufacturing of blue jeans.the manufacturing of jeans involves three stages 1.preparatio of yarn. 2.dyeing of yarn. 3.weaving of yarn.

C programming Question papers

This is the question paper related to the c language and completely covers the concepts related to the technical aspects of the computer programming. This paper helps to inculcate the knowledge to the reader.

Workplace Communication,listening skills,intonation

This pdfs contain information about workplace Communication, listening skills and intonation.It includes teliphone etiquette, benefits of effective listening skills,how to modulate the voice while speaking.

Professional communication in English

This document contains is the question of English which covers the topics like precisely writing, resume and cover letter and many more.

Professional communication in English-2

This document contains question paper for English which covers the topics of engineering English like precisely writing, cover letter and many more.

Figures of Speech

This document contains an English topic "Figures of Speech". It's a very good topic for those who want to improve there English.

Amity University business card etiquette

One of the most basic business marketing tools is also the one that is taken for granted the most. When you start a new job, you will most likely get a stack of shiny new business cards ready to hand out. Not much thought is usually given to them, but I'm here to tell you how important the action of exchanging business cards is and how it can effect your business.

Phrasal Verbs

Enriching English is good practice for government and private companies job. Here is a set of Phrasal verbs.

Popular Culture Basic

Popular Culture of now a days and their description is briefly described here