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KARZ- The Enterpreneur's Dilemma

Available below is the Harvard Business Review(HBR) case solution for MBA students. The case study answers like What services provided by Tmall were considered most critical to Karz? Was Tmall’s support sufficient?, How would you compare the services provided by different platforms?, From Karz’s point of view what was the best option?, etc.

There is a Lot to Learn from Young Entrepreneurs.

There is a lot to learn from young entrepreneurs We all have come across the names of Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm Founder), Binny and Sachin Bansal (founders of Flipkart), Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola cabs founder). They all are perfect examples of young entrepreneurs who have acted as agents of change in the modern society. They all possess certain traits that separate them from the crowd. Traditional businesses are evolving and the young entrepreneurs are the inspiration. The world has never witnessed such a widespread influence of young entrepreneurs and these are some of the successful traits of the young entrepreneurs to be adopted. Charismatic Young entrepreneurs have the charisma required to build a friendly and healthy environment in the organization. They make sure that all the co-workers can reach them and in turn, no communication gaps exist. A good bonding motivates employees and yields good returns. Craves Learning Ambition to learn and implement - is the most outstanding trait they possess. Youths are curious learners and they like to stay updated about new inventions and techs. Moreover, they know how to make the best use of networking. Passionate Youngsters are filled with enthusiasm to face new challenges and grab every opportunity that comes their way. They are always exploring new possibilities & making their way out of obstacles. Mindset The different outlook and mindset of young entrepreneurs has made them the choice of every thriving firm in the country. They possess a positive and fresh mindset – they are ready to explore and grab new opportunities and thus, help to bring changes in the conventional ways of dealing with business problems. Innovation Youths are quite innovative and capable of providing useful products and ideas to solve the problems of the masses. Who knows the better use of latest technologies than the modern youth? When it comes to devise new stuffs and make innovative use of technologies, they always outshine the rest. Tackling Problems Analyzing different aspects of a problem and coming up with the best possible solutions is the quality that distinguishes them. They are persistent and do not give up until a problem is fully solved. They see problems as ‘challenges’ and do not hesitate to go out of their comfort zone to solve them.  Highly adaptable They are quite flexible and adapt to the situations as per the firms interest even if that means more work load or out of the job profile. Young entrepreneurs often go an extra mile and their results speak for them. Risk Taking Youths are known to take calculative risks for positive growth of the business. The biggest risk is not to take any risk and the better knowledge of ROI gives the youngsters an edge.

B Plan

B Plan for a new business

Business Orientation

Business orientation project

entrepreneurship Assignment

Entrepreneurship oppurtunuities in Campus Assignment

business model

Business model and its implementation


In this Document you will the Research on Tablet Management System, that How can you make your restaurant a little advanced.

EO-B plan

Business model developed in EO course

IMI New Delhi Report

IMI New delhi Report

B-Plan Entrepreneurship

B-Plan Entrepreneurship

Kalamandir Social Village Report

Village visit report: Social and economic context

Morbi and Ceramics

Ceramics in Morbi    Home to more than 600 manufacturing units, it is the largest ceramics manufacturing cluster in India and second largest in the world. It mostly comprises of SMES, but, they often cater to big brands in the industry. It’s not surprising that more than 80% of India’s production comes from Morbi. It employs directly more than 0.35 million people and around 12000 other indirectly, generating a revenue of more than ₹225 billion. Kajaria ceramics, HR Johnson, Asian tiles (AGL Tiles), Somani Tiles, NITCO are few of the big companies that outsource their requirements to Morbi or, are based in Morbi. The industrial area produces Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Vitrified tiles, Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Twin Charged Tiles, Multi - Colour Charged Tiles in various formats starting from 20X40 cm to 120X180 cm in a wide range of designs and colours. It also produces sanitary ware, industrial ceramics and technical ceramic products. Key to success ·         Availability of cheap Labour. ·         Mundra and Kandla ports nearby, make export easy. ·         Easy availability of raw materials and uninterrupted power supply. ·         GAIL: industrial gas line provides for a cheaper source of fuel with uninterrupted supply. ·         Exports to markets such as Middle East, Europe, Bangladesh, etc. More about the exports and imports of ceramics and associated machinery will be discussed in the coming sections (name, page number of the section, hyperlink it)