Knowledge in Finance and Accounting

Dividend Decisions

Sharing notes of Divident Decisions from IIM-I to help you understand this concept better. #finance#iimnotes#iimindore


Notes available on the topic microeconomics, for the students studying management- finance and accounting as a subject. The documents below contains topics such asCompetitive Markets Defined, Motivation – U.S. corn markets, The Market Demand Curve, The Market Supply Curve, etc.

microeconomics chapter 10 for iim

Chapter 10 of Microeconomics for management students.

Finance notes

Sharing the notes of the topic finance. Useful for students of management, studying finance and accounting. In this document you can find content related to investment analysis, basics of cost of capital and inancing choices

Bad Loans, NPAs and Loan waivers

Here is a short original article on the current situation of rising non performing assets , bad loans and loan waivers


The pdf attatched below is concerned with FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING on ITC. This includes COMMON-SIZE INCOME STATEMENT & BALANCE SHEET, DUPONT CHART ANALYSIS, Market Efficiency analysis, Debt Investor Perspective analysis (Leverage Ratios), Equity Investor Perspective analysis, etc.

DLF Director's report

Financial Statement Summary of DLF 's annual statements


The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course management and subject finance and accounting. The content in the documents below comprises of the topics such as PROFIT MARGIN RATIO, ASSET TURNOVER RATIO, DEBTOR’S TURNOVER RATIO/AVERAGE DEBT COLLECTION PERIOD, INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO/AVERAGE INVENTORY HOLDING PERIOD, etc.

HDFC_PayZapp_Final Analysis

HDFC PayZapp Final Analysis

Industrial Project HDFC Payzapp

Industrial Project HDFC Payzapp

CAMELS Ratings

The attatchment below includes CAMELS Ratings for banks. The pdf includes analysis based on Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management Quality, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to market risk,etc. Can be used for projects and assignments.