Knowledge in GATE

Nanomaterial and it's Application

Nanophysics refers to the science of very minute particle .

Solid state

Lattice structure

3-Phase Circuit

3 phase circuit analysis

3-Phase Circuit

3 phase circuit analysis

Induction Motor

3 phase induction motor important concept and theory


Electrical circuit and Analysis : Important concept and theory of Earthing


Spectroscopy Theory and concept

Electrical Circuit & Analysis

B.L. Thereja Volume 1 Electrical Circuit and Analysis Best Book with important concept and numerical problem for B.Tech First Year

Laplace Theorem Numericals

Laplace Theroem Best numerical for Gate and Semester

BJT three terminal device

Bipolar junction Transistor theory and numerical concept . Three terminal device with emitter , base and collector.

Environment and Ecology

Concept , Structure and Function of an Ecosystem . Food Chain and Food Web . Ecological Pyramid

Compiler , Interpreter and Assembler

Definition : Compiler , Interpreter and Assembler . Types of Language : Low level Language , Machine level Language and High Level Language .