Knowledge in Journalism and Mass Communication

Print journalism BA(JMC) 1 year

This document is about print journalism, BA JMC First year.

Writing skills - BJMC first year

Detailed information for how to begin, how to end and how to write. The way is explained how to think and what to think before writing. Useful for everyone.

Fundamentals of editing- BA JMC

Rules and ways of editing, detailed information regarding same.

Cooperation and conflict - management

Printed study material on the topic cooperation and conflict by IIT BOMBAY.

Notes on Corporate Information

These File Contains Notes for Corporate Information.

Notes On Major Functions of Corporate Information

These Files contains notes for Functions Of Corporate Information.

Notes on Role and Task of Corporate Information in an Organisation

These files contains notes for Role and Task of Corporate Information in an Organization.

Notes on Corporate Communication and PR, Corporate Identity

These file contains notes on Corporate communication and PR, Corporate identity.

Notes on Tools of corporate communication

These file contains notes for Tools of corporate communication.

Notes on Effective Listening

These flies contains notes on 10 steps to Effective Listening.