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Mathematics II PUC answer key

THIS IS THE ANSWER KEY TO THE 2018 Mathematics board paper (Karnataka board) BY Vikas PU College Mangalore.

Mathematics handbook (JEE & NEET)

this notes covers all the important topics of Mathematics.Its helpful for the quick revision for the chapter ALL the best. thank you :)

Mathematics answer key 2016

Answer key to Mathematics Karnataka board paper. PS: A lot of questions from 2016 is very likely to repeat for the 2020 board paper.

Discrete Probability Distribution

This document is of Examples of Discrete Probability Distribution. The topics covered are: Binomial Distribution Bernoulli Distribution Pascal's Triangle Trick Multinomial Distribution Poisson Distribution

Volumes of Solids of Revolution / Method of Rings

Volumes of Solids of Revolution or Methods of Rings In this, we are working on an equation to which we rotate in order to get a solid figure and calculate it's value.

Formula for probability distribution-

Formula for probability distribution-The probability of an Event = (Number of favorable outcomes) / (Total number of possible outcomes) P(A) = n(E) / n(S) P(A) < 1. Here, P(A) means finding the probability of an event A, n(E) means the number of favorable outcomes of an event and n(S) means set of all possible outcomes of an event

Mathematics in Architecture

A PowerPoint presentation depicting how maths had been used during ancient times in Architecture.

Hyperbolic functions

Contents covered in this pdf regarding hyperbolic functions.In this pdf there is detailed concepts and problems related to the topic.


Contents covered in this ppt regarding Integration.In this ppt there is detailed explanation with programs.

Mathematics-Undetermined coefficients

Contents covered in this pdf regarding Undetermined coefficients.In this pdf there is detailed problems with solutions related to the topic.

Fuzzy Logic Diagrams

Fuzzy logic is very important topic in the science field. There are many section have to taken care know about it minutely. There are number of variable and the ranges, which take this process further. To get more information about the topic download CS-Fuzzy Logic file.

Limits and Continuity

These are very precise and good quality notes which will make you an ease in studying this chapter. .