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Fiscal Deficit of India

Fiscal Deficit is the difference between the governments earnings and its expenditures. As it can be understood from this, fiscal deficit is a major concern for the government year over year. Here is an umbrella view of the fiscal deficit of India taking into consideration the effect of UDAY scheme.

Purchasing Power Parity

Purchasing power parity and valuation of yuan in china.


Cross country analysis of inequality

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Notes available on the topic monetary and fiscal policy, for the students studying macro ecomonics as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as DATA ANALYSIS, DEFINING THE VARIABLES, METHODOLOGY, RESULTS AND ANALYSIS, etc.

Socialism vs Communalism

Socialism vs Communalism Notes. Tabular Representation. 

Socialism vs Communism

Class notes Socialism vs Communism 

How India's new currency was born amid drama

Before November of last year, no one ever spared a thought for the currency that was such an integral part of their lives. We paid for things, and expected the correct change to be returned. But did we ever think about the design of the notes? Or the script on it? Or saw them in burnt piles by the highway? Or pined for Rs 100 notes? Not really.  The most popular rumour about the new currency notes, and probably the most far-fetched, was that the new notes came with embedded GPS tracking chips. Forget the fact that many rural areas in India still didn’t have access to proper water, electricity and sanitation, the government had somehow invented a hi-tech way to make the new notes ‘black money proof’! Demonetisation scared people and they thought the government can go to any extent to detect black money.  ‘Changing’ the currency  Even after spending hours standing in queues at banks and ATMs, many faced the problem of breaking the Rs 2000 note into smaller denominations. Suddenly, the Rs 50 and Rs 100 notes became more important than the biggest note. The highest-denomination currency note found no takers. Shopkeepers gladly accepted Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes but didn't want to even touch the new note


Comment of the proposed changes of CSO for the calculations of national income aggregates with reference to economic survey 2014-15.

Economic Indicators which reflect Indian Economy

A comprehensive study on the top 10 Indicators that depict the health of Indian economy. 

Fiscal Deficit

The presentation gives a brief overview of the Fiscal Deficit. It discusses the Fiscal Deficit in context of Union Budget 2017. 

Demonetization: Impacts on the Economy

The document discusses the impacts of demonetisation on the Indian economy. Specifically, it discusses the impacts on the small and medium scale enterprises.

PPT on Fiscal Deficit

Some Basics Questions Answered about Fiscal Deficit