Knowledge in Managerial IT/ ITeS

Case study-Newspaper industry

Topics in the given documents include Current trends,insights,sales model used in newspaper industry as illustrated by IIM-i students. Useful for projects and assignments of students of the course management and the subject Managerial IT/ ITeS.

Case Analysis_Keda’s SAP Implementation

Case Study Analysis of “Campbell and Bailyn Boston Office: Managing the Reorganization" given below. The attatched pdf is for business students, studying human resources as a subject. Content includes- Company Background and Keda’s Key Business Functions, Problem Statement, Options, Criteria of Evaluation, Evaluation of Options and Recommendations

A Perspective on FinTech

FinTech refers to innovative financial services or products delivered via new technology. This document gives an overall view about it. 

Case analysis_Keda's SAP Implementation

Case analysis_Keda's SAP Implementation

Strategy consulting_Bharti Airtel_Implementing BI

Strategy consulting: Implementing BI in Bharti Airtel

Project Health Monitoring

IT Project Management Project Health Monitoring of a company. Formula and analysis for an example question

Case analysis_Moore Medical Corporation

The case analysis of Moore Medical Corp. Which new information systems, if any, should Moore purchase? How did you arrive at this decision

Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS

IT analysis of pharmacy service improvement at CVS

Resource Loading Exercise

This content tells about how to allocate your resource when you are a project manager.

Cyber crime

History and types and effects of cyber crimes. This discussses about the rapidly growing online user base in India and with which the cyber crimes are increasing , their fatalities and how computer is used as a tool, as a target and as an intrumentality#NMIMS