Knowledge in Marketing and Sales

Advertisements touching the right node

Article explains how modern advertisements are impacting consumers' mind sets.

Dove - Study of the 4 P's

Term 2 Marketing - Dove: Study of the 4 P's

A report on MEDIA SPACE

To understand and evaluate the sales and distribution of the industry “Media Space".


The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course Management. Useful for the students of marketing and sales. The content in the documents below comprises of analysis of the brand Amul. Topics included such as Comparative methods for evaluating brand equity, Holistic methods for evaluating brand equity, etc.

Case Analysis- eBags_Managing growth

Case Analysis- eBags_Managing growth

Case analysis_Titan vs Casio

Case analysis_Titan vs Casio

Retail store management_Adidas Store

Attatched below is a report of the company Adidas and it's store. Can be used by management students, studying subject marketing and sales. Including topics Overview of the Organisation, Retail format, Promotional strategy, Usage of technology, Consumer aspects & Customer Relationship Management, etc.

Apple- Pestle and Trend Analysis

Pestle Analysis and Trends in Companies - Theme- Apple

Nestle - Analysis

Trends and Environment of Nestle

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio , changing trends and market

Ramnath Kovind Introductions- TIIP

A brief profile and history of newly elected President of India- Ramnath Kovind.