Knowledge in Marketing and Sales

MAC and its environment

Mac, and it's treend and adapting nature towards consumers

Designer Customization Trend - India

The onset of Designer Customization Trend in India- Report among the HOT TRENDS List 2017

Market Research on Nokia Smart Phone Launch

Market research on Nokia Smart Phone Launch. Useful for students studying management, marketing and sales. Can also be used for reference purpose in assignments. Topics included- Research Design, Problem definition, Introduction, etc.



E-bags Case Analysis

E-bags case Analysis 

B2B Marketing_Dell case_Situation Analysis

This document describes the situation analysis of a B2B marketing case of Dell.

Re-Inventing the Business Model_Flipkart

Reinventing business model Flipkart

Salesoft Marketing

Salesoft Marketing

Retail Strategy_Lotus Electronics_Indore

This report talks about retail strategies adopted by Lotus Electronics Indore ,SWOT Analysis and improvements for future

Marketing research on Green prodcuts

This report talks about consumers perception about use of green products and reasons for not paying heavier price.

FMCG_Product extension_Dabur Panchamrit

The attatchment below can be used by students of management, wanting to study marketing and sales. The Pdf includes topics of dabur panchamrit like Consumer Insight, Product Description, Competitor Analysis, Competitor Response Profile, Product Stategy, Benefits, Benefit Statements,etc. #FMCG

Atlantic computers case study

Atlantic computers case study