Knowledge in Marketing and Sales

BIOCON case study

Biocon case study submission


marketing ppt on apple product

BAV Model - Mercedes Benz

This presentation covers the concepts of Brand Equity Model and its application on analysing Mercedes Benz.

Starbucks case - Brief profitability analysis

One pager on profitability of Starbucks case

DOVE - Product differentiation

2 Pager on Dove product differentiation, Packaging, and labeling. 

Harley Davidson Case Solution

Harley Davidson Case Solution

BMW Z3 Roadster Case Analysis

BMW Z3 Roadster Case Analysis

FMCG Eatables - Sales & Distribution Analysis

Report on FMCG Eatables industry in India 

Marketing Research Project

Marketing research report on Scope of Hybrid Vehicles in India

Automobile industry

Details of distribution for autombile industry