Knowledge in Marketing and Sales

Hiranandani Brand Story

Hiranandani Brand Story

Marketing Management

Brief introduction of marketing analysis.

Loyality Relationships

Creating long-term relationships with consomers

Developing marketing strategies

Introduction marketing.

Defining marketing for the new realities.

Introduction on marketing management

Sustainability marketing of ACC Cement by Ankit srivastava

What are the practices Acc cement adopts in its sustainability marketing?

Consumer buying behaviour on OTT services

How do consumer buying behaviour take place on online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc

Horlicks case study

Horlicks case study

AH Bocconi Case

AH Bocconi Case study which covers aspect of health industry all over the Europe.

PMNPD -New Product Development

PMNPD -New Product Development marketing material. It covers all the concepts of New Product Development

consumer behaviour notes

consumer behaviour notes