Knowledge in Marketing and Sales

Raymonds Promotion Tools and ICM

Will give you brief idea about promotional strategies and Integrated Marketing Communication & Salient features considering promotional tools of the company.


Marketing Segmentation

Marketing Plan for Soft Drink

This PPT contains marketing plan for a hypothetical Soft drink "Cheer Up" that will be launched in India.

Marketing Report

This word document contains the report of our marketing plan for launching a hypothetical soft drink company "Cheer up" in India.

Marketing plan of Ice Cream

Marketing Plan Of Ice Cream

Marketing Plan

This is the marketing plan of Imaginative electric three wheeler of mahindra and mahindra.

Mahindra Case study Agri business

#Mahindrawarroom #casestudy2017

Social Media Promotion Strategy -

How can an Internet enabled brand use social media as a marketing tool?

Enterprise sales in the Telecom Sector - IDEA case

Enterprise selling is a different game altogether. This is a quick snapshot of enterprise sales with respect to the telecom industry, taking the example of IDEA.

IMC - Chill Out Pencil Case

A novel way of driving marketing communications captured in this case from Germany

Consumer Behaviour - Asymmetric Dominance

Also known as the Decoy effect, this is a way in which price options influence our choices

Advertisement campaigns with Social messages

Not all advertising is designed to sell products!