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Drift your SEO ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is the bringing up of links to a web page or a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. Newly developed websites and web pages use SEO to promote their platforms. It involves manipulating of keywords used by the targeted audience so that those keywords directly bring up the respective web page or website of a company. Being a part of such a competitive generation, markets offer you plenty of methods to get quick results. But Internet being a savior, filters best ones to you. Seorango offers you to win the turtle race. It offers you to optimize search engine to drift up your web page/website on the first page of a search engine in the end results. It helps you to eliminate unnecessary items and edit your web content in few simple steps. Seorango provides support to users for auditing their own websites when newly launched. Just like you, many others must be in the zeal to do the same. This competition leads to change and improvement in the algorithm. This is the reason why search engines keep changing and do not remain the same. Seorango being an SEO website provides you everything related to optimizing search engines. They have a provision of a personal chat with experts by which all queries can be clarified. They guide you to identify the thought process of the market and accordingly create plans for attracting more of the interested traffic towards the website/web page. Dallas SEO consultants are also emerging as experts for supporting small businesses. Seorango acts like a pillar to a building bridge. It offers you with some of the following actions: 1. Google analytics, 2. Monitoring the rank of your website, 3. Auditing title & description, 4. Creating social media channels, 5. Developing new content creation plans for the targeted audience, etc. This platform supports you to dominate the market. Results are shown almost instantly. They offer weekly reports which provide you with a synopsis of ranking of your webpage, what else can be done for better results, what is the progress till now and lots more. It not only aims at web page searches but also on the image, video, news, specific industry, academic and vertical searches. Seorango shows the backlinks, also called inbound links in order to promote a website/web page. The Internet is offering an opportunity to improve sales and progress of companies. It is a must grab. Here is the link to the SEO website, The site is simple and easy to use. It is a basic website for enhancing your web results. Start creating a foothold by using Search engine optimization by Seorango and watch unexpected results by increasing sales and grow your company rapidly. Any queries related to the tool can be clarified by personal interaction with experts by contacting their telephone helpline. Want to know where you are lacking behind? Go for Seorango and become the pioneer in the game by editing and understanding all basics of optimization of search engines. Strengthen your roots and aim to reach for the sky.

Marketing Research

This shows the marketing research conducted on Consumer preferences towards cream biscuits


The presentation shows the STP of Levis Brand . 

The Fashion Channel

The Fashion Channel Case Analysis

Colgate-Palmolive Company

Colgate-Palmolive Company Case Solution

B2B Marketing

It talk about case analysis

All India Radio Indore Analysis

Sales & Marketing strategy for All India Radio - A detailed report

New Age Distribution channels

Traditional go-to-market strategies don't work because they assume customers will stay in the channels that were designed for them. Time for a fresh look at how shoppers really behave. - by Paul F. Nunes and Frank V.Cespedes


INDIA ONLINE: A snapshot of the country's key digital statistical indicators

Gearing Your Brand for the Internet

Gearing Your Brand for the Internet - Social Media Marketing


THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESSFUL Facebook Advertisements

Social Media Analytics - Primer

Social Media Analytics - Primer