Knowledge in Material Science

LindBlom Muddling

CoEP SY Btech Planning

Design of prestressed concrete structures

This knowledge contains the exam paper of Design of prestressed concrete structures of 8th semester.

Study material on machining.

Machining is the essential part among the Engineering material. It tells us how to shape and size the materials by using machining process.


its realy important to prevent that


This is the official toefl student study material for preparation.

Admixture Material

Admixture is defined as a material other than cement, aggregate and water used as an ingredient of concrete, added to the batch immediately before or during mixing, which help increase knowledge of diff concrete

Mathematics questions without answers

This document contains some important questions on vector integration like greens theorems,gauss divergence theorem, Stokes theorems and volume.

Defects in Solids

It has details related to defects in solids or can say lattice defects. It's a topic related to Material Science Subject.

Phase Diagram

It's a topic related to Material Science subject. Topics covered in this are various types of Phase Diagrams and numericals on them.

Atomic and Crystal Structure

It defines the structure of any crystal to the atomic level.