Knowledge in Mathematics Proof


This PDF contain the information related to the regression and correlation analysis of the data in the field of Engineering probability and statistics and ensures the coverage of the knowledge and info related to the technical aspects of the data .

Mathematics questions without answers

This document contains some important questions on vector integration like greens theorems,gauss divergence theorem, Stokes theorems and volume.

Engineering mathematics 2

This document is about the fundamentals of engineering mathematics 2 and counter examples and integral exponents and many more.


This clip contains notes of Mathematics I and Mathematics II for the students of B.Tech 1st year.

Engineering mathematics question paper-2

This document contains question paper of engineering mathematics-2 which covers the entire topics for engineering mathematics.

Second order differential equations

This document contains information about the second order differential equations which covers all the types of different equations of second order and many more.

Greens,gauss and Stokes theorems

This document contains information about the problems based on greens theorems gauss divergence theorems and Stokes theorems.

Multi variable calculus and integrity function

This document contains information about the multi variable calculus and integrity contains problems on partial derivatives and Jacobian and many more.

Mean value theorems (for all)

This document contains information about the mean value theorems which covers theorems like rolles and legranges mean value theorems and many more

Mathematics and math's

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