Knowledge in Medicine


It includes the mechanism of action of different receptors present in our body and the hormones acting on those receptors.


This includes the brief about pneumothorax with condition which may lead to it which few clinical symptoms.


This includes brief about inflammation of prostate with three important types and causes of those.

Adverse Drug Reactions

This includes the different types of Adverse Drug Reaction caused in body with the examples of each type.


This includes the details of tocolytics- uterine relaxants and different types of drup with their doses and examples which are used as tocolytics.


This includes detail of drug ergometrine with is affect on different systems of body, adverse effects, contraindications, its use in pregnancy and other cases

Uterine stimulants

This includes the classification of uterine stimulants ie oxytocic with a detail about oxytocin. The uses of these drugs and adverse effects are also included.

Oral Iron

This includes the details of oral preparation of iron and its side effects. The dose given in adults and children are also mentioned.

Drugs prescribed in Respiratory ailments

This includes the common respiratory ailments and different drugs prescribed under each case with dosage. Few instructions for taking those drugs are also mentioned.

Drugs prescribed in nervous system ailments

This includes various condition where nervous system is affected with the name of drugs prescribed in such conditions. Also, few specific instructions of those drugs with dosage.

Drugs related to ANS

This contains condition which involves autonomic nervous system. The drugs given in various condition with its dosage.


This includes an important class of drug - fluoroquinolones with its Classification, examples, MOA. Ciprofloxacin is explained in brief with its ADR and uses.