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The adaptability of the idea of Augmented Reality, amongst the general population initiated with the involvement of AR bounded games and application, like Pokémon Go and Google Ingress. And within no time these applications took over the minds of the geeky population. At such a moment, we felt it was really important to critically analyze the pros and cons of the thunder, that has started to take over the lives of humans. Will it take over the reality? Is it actually the reality? Are we living in a space of illusion? Is it the time to get enlightened? Or it is just a wave which needs us to hold back our position? 


From all the research we did, there were some refutes to how universe is singular and alone. That, we may be a projection. That, we may be alone in the dark space. But the common notion, backed by religion, philosophers and science, has been that our universe is not alone. Our universe exists. And, it may have only a neighbor, or there may be an entire horde of universes near ours. But as of all we know, we have at least one universe, with maybe an earth with humans who as of now, are writing a similar report on how they are alone or not in the wide dimensions of space and time.

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