Knowledge in Nephrology

Non-diabetic chronic kidney disease

Clinical and biochemical profile of non-diabetic chronic kidney disease patients: A prospective study

Engineering physics(applied physics)

This document contains topics in the engineering physics.some important topics are covered in this pdf.

Congenital kidney Malformations

This contains the non- neoplastic congenital kidney Malformations. The sub-types of the disease is also mentioned which includes ADPKD & ARPKD

Glomerular disease

Introduction to glomerular disease with its type. Clinicopathologic Classification of glomerular disease is also mentioned with its examples.

Renal cell carcinoma

This includes the details of a type of kidney malignancy- Renal cell carcinoma. ETIOLOGY PATHOGENESIS & clinical features with few pictures.

Wilms' Tumour

This includes details about a type of embryonic tumor- Wilms' Tumour which is the most common abdominal malignant tumor of young children.

Tumours of bladder

Classification of tumors found in bladder with their subtypes. Few characteristics of each type of Tumours mentioned.

Clinical manifestations of glomerular disease

This includes the clinic manifestations association with glomerular disease like nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome , renal failure and asymptomatic proteinuria and haematuria.

Schrödinger time independent equation

Schrödinger time independent wave equations important physics questions

The Left Hand Rule( for motors)

The Left Hand Rule( for motors)