Knowledge in Operations

Forecasting Capacity planning

This PPT deals with the concept of forecasting capacity planning

Overview on production and opertaions management

Overview on production and opertaions management to gain insights for operations

Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing systems explained for operations managment

Product design and development

Product design and development for operations management 

Strategic Operations Management

Strategic Operations Management explaining the strategy to improve operations of a company

Activity scheduling

Activity scheduling concepts 

Project management annexure 2

Project management annexure 2 for basics and concepts

Resource allocation

Resource allocation basics and concepts such as Critical Path Method-Crashing a Project, Activity Slope, Resource Loading, Resource Leveling, Constrained Resource Scheduling, Heuristic Methods, Optimization Methods, Schedule Slippage, and Goldratt’s Critical Chain.

Monitoring and information systems

Monitoring and information systems concepts and basics are well-explained such as Designing the Monitoring System, Data Collection, The Reporting Process, Report Types, Meeting Rules, Common Reporting Problems, Earned Value Analysis, The Earned Value Chart, Variances, and Indices. 

Project control

Basics and understanding of project control

Project evaluation

Project evaluation concepts and understanding

Project completion

Project completion concepts