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Electrical circuit analysis


Electrical Notes

PowerGrid Internship Report

Finance and Account- Fund Raising and Debt Servicing

Magmatic Processes

This description will assist you to know about how Magmatic processes occur in various surfaces of earth.

analysis of electrical quantities

Control System analysis and modeling


This is the concept of oligopoly studied under the section of economics.

Inflation under Economics

Inflation under economics.

Demand supply in Economics

Economics introductory

Ethics in management

Application of ethics in professional world

Ethics Project

application of ethics in real world

calculations of hamza pharma case study on decision tree

calculations of hamza pharma case study on decision tree

Campus Placements

ACADEMICS : Try to maintain good score, this doesn’t mean you have to top every subject but you should have at least a score that will make you eligible for most of the companies. Make sure you don’t fail in any subject in 3rd year, especially 6th semester. Very few companies allow candidates with live backlogs. Should have knowledge of subjects you study - Don’t have to be Einstein in every subject but at least those that you will be mentioning as your strength in resume. Apart from academics try to do few internships.