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Digestive system in the Humans

This material will help the candidates appearing for the Competetive exams in preparing for the examinations, including UPSC,SSC,State service examinations and as well as the documentary materials for the Class 12 th students . This document makes the readers easily understand about the concepts and the reviews of NCERT Biology with a diagramatic explanation.

SRM University 2nd semester notes CSE

Detailed and to the point notes available in the attatchments for 2nd year students studying computer science. Topics discussed are Bio material, Nano Materials and Nano Technology, handwritten logic gates, overview of c, CONTROL STRUCTURES AND FUNCTIONS, value, ARRAYS, STRUCTURES AND UNIONS, etc #SRMuniversity

SRM University 4th semester notes CSE

CSE relevant notes available in the below attatched Pdf's. Detailed notes by SRM university for 4th semester students, computer science. Topics included and discussed are Data Addressing Modes, Addressing Modes like Register Addressing, Immediate Addressing, Direct Addressing, Register Indirect Addressing, etc. Refer to the attatchments for the same. #SRMuniversity

SRM University 6th semester notes CSE

Attatched below are the 6th semester notes for computer science students of SRM university. The attatchment includes topics such as Software Characteristics, Software Applications, software engineering : A LAYERED TECHNOLOGY, software development life cycle phases, software process models, etc. #SRMuniversity

Buoyancy and flotation

Buoyancy and flotation

Kinematics of machinery

Cam shaft diagram and instantaneous diagrams

Machine drawing book

Available below is the machine drawing book which includes topics such as Graphic Language, Classification of Drawings, Scales, Lines, Right Hand and Left Hand Threads, Locking Arrangements for Nuts, Representation of Threads, Multi-start Threads, etc.

Property of fluids

This unit has described some important topics Mass density or Specific mass (ρ), Weight density or Specific weight (γ), Specific gravity or Relative density (S), Specific volume (∀), Vapour Pressure, Newton’s law of viscosity, Surface Tension, Capillarity, Rheological classification of fluids: (Rheology  Study of stress – strain behavior), PRESSURE AND ITS MEASUREMENTS, PASCAL ‘S LAW, Classification of Manometers, MECHANICAL GAUGES, DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS, MODEL ANALYSIS, MODEL LAWS (SIMILARITY LAWS), Reynold’s Model Law, Froude’s Model Law, Euler’s Model Law, Mach Model Law, Weber’s Model Law.

DU 6th Sem Physics (Solid State)

The below attatched documents include notes of physics for delhi university students, 6th semester. The topics discussed are Bravais Lattice, Dielect, Ferromagnetism, QntmMagnet, Reciprocal Lattice, Sp Heat of Solids, Crystal Structure, Ele Lattice Dynamics, etc.

Indian Reservation system

Justice or Equality? Look at the above image and think for yourself which on is right? It’s not always that equality is needed. Sometimes justice is what makes everybody happy. In India a policy which is loved by many but at the same time hated by many others persist- reservation What is reservation system? It’s a law implemented by the government during the time of independence to protect the minority people’s rights. The government feared that the minority people will face problems in the society so they reserved some seats in education institutions, public sectors and in parliament. Even women also started enjoying these reservation rights. Due to this in the sectors mentioned above there are some seats reserved for people belonging to minority community, so that they can get education and equal job opportunities and in parliament an equal chance to raise their grievances. With time the percentage of seats reserved started increasing in different sector. And now the majority community have become the minority community if reservation is considered. The reservation system was started as to provide equal opportunities for the minority community which were at that time deprive of equality as many of them were below poverty line and some didn’t even knew about the policies provided by the government. But now the circumstances have changed. Most of the people who technically belong to minority communities are now enough capable that they don’t need the reservation system now, but still they use it as it provide them an easy way to seats in many places be it some good education institutions or other places. And not only that, some people even started changing their caste so as to get the benefits of reservation system. Many people even started claiming that their caste also belong to minority community and so they should also get reserved seats and that’s how a policy meant for the benefit of people became a way of shortcut for others. Now the conditions are such that even political parties used the reservation system as vote banks for their benefits. Now the question is that is the reservation system good or bad really?  People answer it on the basis of what good or bad has it done to them, but let’s do a complete review of it. First thing is it really required now? Yes definitely. There are still many people who don’t get opportunities. They seriously need this. But there should really be some revolution, some changes so that the benefit of the policies gets to those who really need it. And the government should also decide the purpose for the reservation system. At one place the government says that the system is meant to provide equal opportunities to study and gain education but on the other hand the reservation even is there during promotion. Is this really necessary? Once the person has got the job that means he has enough education so why reserving seats for promotion? Second thing, why should a person with less merit get a position? I mean just because he was a minor at past and faced difficulty during post independence period he gets the post, that requires high merit. This not only is unfair for the person who deserves, but also is bad for the development of the country. We claim that reserving seats for minority people will help in development of the country but let us look at this with this perspective. A person having aptitude of  90% and another of 80%. Now a given job requires a aptitude of 85%, that way the person having 90% of aptitude is best suited for the post, but due to reservation the other person gets the job and that will automatically reduce the efficiency by which the job could have been done if given to the person having 90% aptitude. So there are certain amendments which are required in the current reservation system. Reservation can be set-up on different basis or government can raise the job opportunities and eliminate the reservation totally. But ultimately all the things requires a combine effort from people of the country as well. There is a very popular saying regarding the same which I would like to share with you all. Once Prime Minister of India asked the President of the United States of America that how come their country is so much developed that India? To which the President replied-“It’s because we hire deserving people and not the reserved once!”

Semester 6 Mechanical Engineering notes SRM6

The folowing clip contains notes for mechanical engineering students of 6th semeter. The clip contains explainations that can be useful for preparation purpose. Topics included in these attatchments are MULTIDEGREE OF FREEDOM SYSTEMS, Two degree of freedom systems, Fundamentals of Vibration, etc.