Knowledge in Pathology

Wilms' Tumour

This includes details about a type of embryonic tumor- Wilms' Tumour which is the most common abdominal malignant tumor of young children.

Tumours of bladder

Classification of tumors found in bladder with their subtypes. Few characteristics of each type of Tumours mentioned.

Etiopathogenesis of bladder tumors

This includes pathogenesis of urinary bladder tumor and factors that increase the risk of it.

Lobar pneumonia

This includes the details of lobar pneumonia with its ETIOLOGY, pathogenesis and the complications associated. Clinical features are also given.

Pyogenic meningitis

This includes the meningitis caused by bacteria , gross appearance of brain suffering from it with CSF finding. Gross and microscopy pictures included.

Tuberculous Meningitis

This includes tuberculous Meningitis with its CSF examination characteristics . Histology and gross specimen pictures are included.

Metastatic Lung tumor

This includes brief description of secondary tumors of lungs, main site of metastases which a gross appearance picture


This includes the brief about pneumothorax with condition which may lead to it which few clinical symptoms.


This includes brief about inflammation of prostate with three important types and causes of those.

Cancer genes

This included the types of gene involved in cancer, their normal function and the changes they undergo in cancer

Graft Rejection

This includes brief about Graft Rejection. It includes the type of rejection and its mechanism. A brief about renal transplant rejection is also mentioned.

Clinical Staging of carcinoma of cervix uteri

This includes International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO ) clinical Staging of carcinoma of the cervix uteri and subtypes of different staging.