Knowledge in Pathology


This includes description of leiomyoma - a type of uterine tumor, its gross appearance and histological findings are included with picture.

FIGO clinical staging of endometrium carcinoma

This includes clinical staging of carcinoma of the endometrium and gross specimen picture of the endometrium carcinoma is included.

Hydatidiform Mole

This contains brief idea about Hydatidiform mole, its gross features and the subtypes. Also the characteristics of placenta in this case is described.

Tetralogy of Fallot

This includes a congenital heart condition known as tetralogy of Fallot which its characteristic features and common subtypes.

Classification of ovarian tumors

This includes the classification of ovarian tumors with the subtypes. The relative abundance of each type of tumor is also mentioned in the table.

Fibroadenoma of Breast

This includes a type of breast tumor - called as fibroadenoma with its gross and histological features. Also the pictures of both are included.

Classification of testicular Tumours

This includes the various types of testicular Tumours like germ cell, sex cord stromal or combined with its subtypes.

Clinical manifestations of glomerular disease

This includes the clinic manifestations association with glomerular disease like nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome , renal failure and asymptomatic proteinuria and haematuria.

Pathogenesis of bacterial infection

Pathogenesis of bacterial infection

Pathology paper I important topics muhs

This includes all the important topics of pathology paper I which is frequently asked in university exams. This covers general pathology and haematology.

Pathology paper II important topics muhs

This includes important topics of pathology paper II which is frequently asked in university exams. It contains systemic pathology

Disease & Causal Organism

Important diseases and their Causal Organisms of Important field crops also with their mode of transmission. It's a hand written note.