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professional ethics include the moral values and human behaviour and professional communication etc.

Professional Ethics and Communication

Basic of Ethics and Professionalism

Professional Communication | 1st year | 2nd semester | KIIT UNIVERSITY

Notes for Professional Communication 1st year, 2nd sem , KIIT ##NOTE FOR DOWNLOAD:: After downloading there maybe an error in opening pdf's. Go to the file location and rename the pdf and give the extension part i.e. ' .pdf ' .

Process , means of communication

Learn what is communication and it's types

Verbal and nonverbal communication

Learn about verbal and nonverbal verbal communication


This is about para language and sign language


Learn what is documentation and it's ways

English language and communication

These PPTs contain idioms,phrases,one word substitutes which are helpful to students in order to improve their Communication skills.Using these words in daily life brings a huge difference in communicating effectively.


It covers all the topics related to professional communication

Business Communication

All about business communication

Ethical communication

All descriptive knowledge about ethical communication