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Among the complete gamut of new IIMs, baby IIMs and close-to-home older IIMs, I would like to share my opinion as to why IIM Trichy is unique. Situated in the fourth largest city of the formidable South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli is creating waves in the business world and re-defining the way knowledge is imparted and shared. Let me take you through some of the palpable aspects of what gives IIM Trichy the stature of uniqueness. Firstly, this abode of learning that found its roots in 2011 is now touted to be the home of around 400 students who are reaping the benefits of the State-of-the-Art campus. It is a manifestation of the institute’s belief in providing the best in-house facilities to the aspiring managers – both infrastructural as well as academic. To enhance overall development, students have access to the central repository of knowledge, the Learning Resource Centre, well-equipped, comfortable and fully air-conditioned single occupancy rooms and the Sports Complex – where all the calories are burnt and where the spirit of sportsmanship thrives. To top it all, apart from the excellent faculty who are more than supportive at all times, IIM Trichy has partnered with Your Dost, an organization dedicated to help students deal with their stress and anxiety problems, thus endeavoring to ensure that the students here are in good mental health and high spirits. Inside the Academic Block of the beautiful IIM Trichy campus (Photo Credits : Manju Meena) IIM Trichy firmly believes in harnessing the immense potential of the ideas and solutions that the Genext hold. Adequate support and guidance in matters of academics is delivered by the 35 well qualified, full-time faculty who are rich with knowledge from extensive research and hold a minimum of PhD/Fellow qualification from either an IIM or IIT. To keep these young minds invested and engaged in the latest happenings, IIM Trichy conducts Guest Lecture series regularly as part of its academic curriculum. Industry experts with deep domain knowledge and diverse experience deliver these insightful lectures. Some of the big names that feature here are Shri. Shailesh Pathak – CEO, L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Limited; Mr. Ramesh Mangaleswaran, Director, McKinsey & Company and Mr. Milan Kumar, Founder Director, Volkswagen ITS. Another significant initiative that sets apart this institute from the rest of its peers is the Distinguished Speaker Series. This magnificent undertaking has exposed the students of IIM Trichy to the innumerable experiences and the epoch-making strategies and decisions that led our country to stride down the path of development. Eminent personalities who graced this discussion series are Lieutenant General PR Kumar, PVSM, AVSM, VSM; Padma Bhushan Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, Founder CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited and Mr. R.S. Sharma, Chairman, TRAI. Padma Bhushan Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai delivering his experiences about the BrahMos missile project We walk the talk and rightly so. IIM Trichy is committed to fulfilling its objective of giving back to the society. Hence, the Make A Difference projects feature in the core curriculum of IIM Trichy’s Post Graduate Programme offerings. Students work in groups to identify crises and formulate solutions that will alleviate the problems faced by various segments of the community. To reinforce the value of social responsibility, IIM Trichy is also all set to transform the city and significant attractions into a hub of innovation and medical tourism by drafting the Tiruchirappalli District Development Plan. Multiple-time winner of the CFA research Challenge at National level, Runner up in Purdue University’s Supply Chain Management Global Case Study Competition held at Indianapolis, USA, IIM Trichy has many more accolades to its name to boast of its mettle. Disclaimer - Copyrights to this article are solely reserved with the author, Ms. Himabindu Mudadla. Despite the article being strongly based on facts, the views expressed herein are of the author and neither the institution or any member of the institution has a role in it.

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Notes on Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking?According to Wikipedia “Public speaking is the process and act of speaking or giving a lecture to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain a listening audience”.Public speaking is simply talking to more than one person at a time. It doesn’t really matter the number of people present because as long as you are speaking to more than one person at a time the way you talk and the words you use are fundamentally the same. For example for 1 person you would say “You have great hair”, but then for any other amount of people you would say “You all have great hair”.A few benefits of public speaking include:A significant career booster (interviews, presentations etc.)An improvement in your interpersonal skills and relationshipsA boost to your self-confidence 7 Essential Tips for Public Speaking:1. Know your Material (Plan, Plan, and Plan)The more knowledgeable you are about what you’re speaking on, the better your presentation will become. It’s just logic. Like every other thing in this world if you can practice and prepare for your presentation enough you will become good at it. Repetition is the father of learning. So try to know more about the topic and be prepared to tackle any sort of question. Another thing you should always keep in mind is that good public speaking is very intuitive and that unexpected things are will happen. You just can’t let them throw you off. So practice to the point you are ready for anything. Say the microphone stops working or somebody accuses you of false information…what will you say or do? These are some things to keep in mind during your planning process. You are "speaking" because you are an expert in the field. Be it a small class presentation or an extremely critical presentation to the board of directors of your company. The only reason you are speaking and the others are not is because YOU know more about the subject or situation than they do. You are the expert. You are in control. Try to embody this mindset and use it be more confident and in-charge while you speak.2. Read & Assess Your AudienceTo be a good public speaker you must be able to adapt to different situations. You have to be able to speak and behave differently for different situations. For example, if you are speaking at a wedding your tone and style “has” to be a lot different than say if you were speaking at a corporate board meeting.That’s why you have to learn how to pick up on these social triggers. You must recognize your audience and mold your presentation accordingly. You need to learn to read between the lines.Here are a few starting points to look for:·        What is the majority age bracket of your audience?·        Does your audience mainly consist of males or females or is there an equal amount?Are there largely couples or single people in the audience?What type of jobs do the people in your audience have?This quick on-the-fly survey of your audience will help you mold your presentation to better fit the room. This helps you to look more authoritative and makes your presentation memorable. For example, if you notice the room is full of people wearing Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys you could make a small joke before you start like "my presentation is a bit long but as many of you are Toronto Maple Leaf fans and have patiently waited 48 years for Stanley Cup that hasn't come. I'm sure you'll be okay"3. Familiarize Yourself with the RoomAlways arrive early to the venue where you are presenting and make yourself comfortable with your surroundings. This can really calm your nerves and therefore make a positive impact on your presentation. When you get to the venue you should be speaking asking yourself:How big is the room? How loud will you have to be? How many people will there be?Test the microphone and other equipment to make sure everything is good to go. This will make you more comfortable and it will give you confidence. Also like the previous point, as people come in try to guess their personalities. If they come in and are laughing and talking you should mold your presentation so you match their excitement and if they come in extremely solemn and quiet you should mold your presentation as to not overwhelm them. 4. Feel Good about Yourself (Self Confidence)The fear of public speaking is essentially two separate fears; One that you will make a fool of yourself and two that someone will make fun of how you look, dress etc. So to overcome the first fear, practice your presentation to point where it comes out like water. Anticipate what you’re going to say next and try memorizing your lines. As for becoming more comfortable in your skin on the day of the presentation:Wear your best clothesYour best shoesYour best perfumeGet a fresh haircut and/or shave.It might seem superficial to some but this can help. If you feel attractive and fresh you will be that much more collected and any amount of extra confidence is important to speaking better.5. Relax and Change Your PerspectiveThe best thing you can do for yourself to become better at public speaking is simply change your perspective on what public speaking really is.Try reminding yourself that public speaking is just a conversation with multiple people instead of just one. It's not really rocket science. Most people are perfectly fine speaking to one or two people but make 10 or 15 and they lose their minds. Just imagine you are speaking to a group of your friends whenever you speak in public. Your friends want you to "succeed" in getting your ideas across. Try taking the place of an audience member for a second watching a presenter talk. 99% of the time don't you want the speaker to succeed? The more natural you behave the better your presentation will be. So take a deep breath in, calm down and don't stress out. Everything will be okay!6. ConcentrateWhen you are about to present try to focus on only what you are going to say. Don’t think about messing up or what you look like. Just focus on your mouth and the words coming out.This focus will not just help your presentation become better but you will feel more relaxed and confident as you will masterfully speak your well-versed speech to the audience.7. Present with CertaintyThe best presentations are those where the speaker is confident in what they are saying and they take command of the room and atmosphere. So go up strong and follow through on your message with body language.Captivate your audience’s eyes with your hands and their ears with your voice. 

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