Knowledge in Sport Psychology

The Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities are very important for a student’s life. Both of these lead to the physical and social betterment of a student. Sports inculcate the habit of working together in teams, it develops a sense of companionship, it aspires everyone to develop leadership qualities in themselves, etc. Such qualities help students evolve to become better. Sports also demonstrates perhaps the most important characteristic in a human being i.e. “winning isn’t everything, participation makes a difference” everybody in the game desires to turn the game on their side but at the same time, the ultimate goal for everyone should be to give a healthy competition and one should make sure that they put up a decent fight out there. Participating in sports events sometimes can teach people about such things which could never be taught by any other media. Extra-Curricular Activities are the activities which aren’t involved in the basic curriculum of a school/university but still play a vital role in the overall development of a student. Extra-Curricular activities aid a student’s overall personality and blend perfectly with a student’s academic abilities, these may increase a student’s motivation and time management skills, which even makes them secure higher grades in their academics. These activities include from volunteering for NGOs, taking part in rallies/marathons for different causes, taking part in debates/MUNs, scouts, enrolling in the NCCs, participating in annual functions in schools/in fests for universities. Academics and extra-curricular activities complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. Many students who excel in some extracurricular activities even get into universities under special recommendations too.

Power point presentation on spectroscopy

This is power point presentation on explains types of spectroscopy such as continuous spectra and absorption spectra and many more.