Knowledge in (Tele)Communications

Communication systems paper code etec 208 ECE 4 th

ECE 4 th semester IP university communication systems 

Virtual memory ECE 4 th semester

IP university ECE 4 th semester virtual memory

ECE 4 th semester introduction to architecture and programming 8085

Introduction to architecture and programming 8085 ECE 4 th semester IP university

GSM Networks, Protocols, Terminology

Sharing the notes of the topic GSM Networks, Protocols, Terminology. Useful for studying electronics. In this document you can find content related to The System Architecture of GSM: A Network of Cells, Representation of Messages, The Mobile Station and the Subscriber Identity Module, etc.

Online social gaming case study

Online social gaming has been a key growth story of 2010, with millions of people worldwide driving multi-million dollar valuations for games such as Farmville and Angry Birds. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are becoming increasingly skilled at using online social media to promote their products, but most have not yet fully exploited the potential in online social gaming. There are opportunities both in sponsorship of existing mass-market social games, and in creating brand-focused games to develop social media strategies and drive consumer engagement.

Events & Critical success factors-Smart TV-2017

2-page Snippet of Recent Events in Smart TV Industry Latest to 2017

Image processing

This paper proposes a method to extract the feature points from faces automatically. It provides a feasible way to locate the positions of two eyeballs, near and far corners of eyes, midpoint of nostrils and mouth corners from face image. This approach would help to extract useful features on human face automatically and improve the accuracy of face recognition. The experiments show that the method presented in this paper could locate feature points from faces exactly and quickly.


The attatchment is useful and beneficial for students of eletronics, studying (tele)communications. The topics in the pdf include TOPOLOGY, PROTOCOL LAYERING, TCP/IP PROTOCOL SUITE, OSI MODEL, ADDRESSING IN TCP/IP PROTOCOL, TRANSMISSION MEDIUM, GUIDED TRANSMISSION MEDIUM, etc.


Notes shared via attatchment on the topic BASIC CONCEPTS OF REMOTE SENSING. Included explaination on topics- Remote sensing platforms, types of remote sensing, four types of resolutions, etc. Watch the related videos on these link -


Sharing the notes of MAP PROJECTION. Videos related to MAP PROJECTIONS, Click on this link -


Sharing the notes of DATUMS AND PROJECTIONS  in this Attachment.