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VIT Chemical engg MIT

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the chapter- Materials and Instrumentation techniques and subject- chemistry. The content in the documents below comprises of topics such as Diffraction and Microscopic techniques ( Basics), Powder X-ray diffraction – principle, instrumentation and application, SEM –EDAX and TEM -principle, instrumentation and application, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), etc. #VITuniversity


Topics included: 1. State of a system, 0th law, equation of state(PDF) 2. Work, heat, first law(PDF) 3. Internal energy, expansion work(PDF) 4. Enthalpy(PDF) 5. Adiabatic changes(PDF) 6. Thermochemistry(PDF) 7. Calorimetry(PDF) 8. Second law(PDF) 9. Entropy and the Clausius inequality(PDF) 10. Entropy and irreversibility(PDF) 11. Fundamental equation, absolute S, third law(PDF) 12. Criteria for spontaneous change(PDF) 13. Gibbs free energy(PDF) 14. Multicomponent systems, chemical potential(PDF) 15. Chemical equilibrium(PDF) 16. Temperature, pressure and Kp(PDF) 17. Equilibrium: application to drug design(PDF) 18. Phase equilibria — one component(PDF) 19. Clausius-Clapeyron equation(PDF) 20. Phase equilibria — two components(PDF) 21. Ideal solutions(PDF) 22. Non-ideal solutions(PDF) 23. Colligative properties(PDF) 24. Introduction to statistical mechanics(PDF) 25. Partition function (q) — large N limit(PDF) 26. Partition function (Q) — many particles(PDF) 27. Statistical mechanics and discrete energy levels 28. Model systems(PDF) 29. Applications: chemical and phase equilibria(PDF) 30. Introduction to reaction kinetics(PDF) 31. Complex reactions and mechanisms(PDF) 32. Steady-state and equilibrium approximations(PDF) 33. Chain reactions(PDF) 34. Temperature dependence, Ea, catalysis(PDF) 35. Enzyme catalysis(PDF)

VIT University Computation methods in Process engg

Notes available on the topic Computation methods in Process engg, for the students studying Chemistry as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as The Advantages of MATLAB 2, Disadvantages of MATLAB, The MATLAB Environment, etc.

VIT University Food Engineering

Relevant food Engineering tech notes available in the attatchments given below. The pdf's include topics such as Food Macromolecules, Human Nutrition, Digestion, Nutrition: Carbohydrates, Macromolecules, Disaccharides, Hydrolysis, Proteins: Structure, Essential Amino Acids, Biology/Chemistry of Protein Structure, etc. #VITuniversity

VIT University Chemical engg Momentum Transfer

Momentum transfer notes available in the attatchments below for chemistry students. Topics included in the documents below are that of Fixed and Fluidized Beds, Sphericity, Irregular Shapes, Sphericity, Drag Coefficient, Flow Through a Bed of Particles, etc. #VITuniversity

VIT University Chemical Engg Humanities notes

Notes available on the topic chemical engineering humanities, for the students studying chemistry as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as ORIGIN OF BRIBERY, FORMS OF BRIBE, HOW BRIBERY CONSIDERED, FACTORS ENFORCES BRIBERY, COMMON USE OF BRIBE, etc.

Chemistry for Entrance Exams

I upload Chemistry Notes, books, and Model papers for enterance exams after 12th class. you can get basic as well as physical chemistry. #Chemistry#EnteranceExams#12thClass#Notes#Books#practicePaper

Environmental Science

The document contains all the documents related to the environmental science for first year SRM UNIVERSITY students. Topics included are ENVIRONMENTAL KNOWLEDGE, Objectives of Environmental Education, Importance of Environmental Education, Classes of Consumers, etc.


Notes available for chemistry students about FERROUS. The document contains full knowledge of the extractive process of general metals, the powder metallurgy, a brief account of pig and cast iron, steels and their manufacture process and the Fe-C Phase diagram along with heat treatment processes.

Material Science slides

Notes available below for chemistry students, studying material science as a subject. Below attaced documents include topics such as Types of Materials, Hip Implant, Structure, Processing, & Properties, etc. #BITS Pilani

VIT University Chemical engg Natural gas notes

Notes available on the topic chemical engineering natural gas, for the students studying chemistry as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as Natural Gas Value Chain, Gas Reserves in India, Miscellaneous Activities for New Opportunities to Petroleum Specialists, etc.


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