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Hacker HighSchool books

The attatchhment below contains certain Hacking books for high school students. Computer science students who are interested in studying Computer Security & Cryptography can refer to the material given below. Contents- Email security, passwords, forensics, glossary, etc.

Theory of computation

topics-Design PDA CFG to CNF Simplification of CFG-Part 1 Simplification of CFG-Part 2 Simplification of CFG-Part 3 NFA to DFA NFA with null transitions to NFA without null transitions Minimization of DFA Mealy to Moore Moore to Mealy

SRM University 2nd semester notes CSE

Detailed and to the point notes available in the attatchments for 2nd year students studying computer science. Topics discussed are Bio material, Nano Materials and Nano Technology, handwritten logic gates, overview of c, CONTROL STRUCTURES AND FUNCTIONS, value, ARRAYS, STRUCTURES AND UNIONS, etc #SRMuniversity

information technology notes

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course computer science and subject- Computer Architecture. The content in the documents below comprises of topics such as Sorting and Searching, Search Result, Linear Search, Linear Search Performance, Binary Search, etc.

Arduino notes and tutorials

Arduino is an open source computer hardware and software company, project, and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical world.

Operating Systems

CoEP complete content for Operating Systems Department of computer science and informtion technology semester 6th


Available below are the notes for the course computer science and subject programming. The documents attatched in the knowledge include topics such as Variable, Variable constant, Casting , Built in, Bitwise, Scope, Break loop, While loop, Do while loop, For loop, Continue loop, etc.

Read Existing SQLite Database in android studio

The document attatched below helps and supports you read Existing SQLite Database in Android Studio App. It happens to have certain relevant information that can be used for understanding and work purpose. The notes are for the course of computer science and subject is of programming.

Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Technique

Available below are Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques: CBNST is use to optimize performance and minimize error in problem-solving application, Application of Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques, etc.

HADOOP and BIG DATA(many books)

everything about big data is in this clip. #hadoop#bigdata#tutorials#beginners#basicsofhadoop