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Test Series of Maths Paramount

The attatchment includes test Series of Maths of Paramount with answers, best for revision after completing the course. Can be used for preparation and examination purpose, Designed for government exams such as SSC-CGL.


The documents attatched below are of the subject History which include Ancient India, Art and Culture, Modern India, World History. These notes are made by Nitin Sangwan AIR 28 UPSC. The topics included in the attatchment are Themes in Indian History, Capitalism, American Revolution, etc

Paramount Test Series of GI and Reasoning

Here, I upload Paramount GI and Reasoning Test Series.#GI #Reasoning #Paramount#HSSC

Vision IAS CSP Prelims Test Series 2017

Upload includes UPSC IAS CSP Test Series of the year 2017. All important and helpful material is available in the test series which helps you practice for the final exam. The test series are created keeping in mind all important study material and relevant questions in mind. #IAS #CSP#TestSeries

HSSC Exams Model paper by KD Campus

The attatchment includes HSSC exam model paper by KD campus for preparation and revision purpose. Available below are 20 sample question papers for practice purpose in english language. Mainl referred for government exams. #KDcampus#governmentexams

Test Series of English Paramount

uploaded are the Test Series of English of Paramount Coaching Center. Available for practice and revision. Provided in English language and subject referred is English.

Test Series of GI and Reasoning(Hindi) Paramount

Attatched below is the Paramount Test Series of GI and Reasoning. This includes relevant questions and answers that could be beneficial for the preparation of SSC-CGL government exams. The attatchment is provided in hindi language. #SSC #CGL

Art and Culture

Available material to study and prepare for government examinations. Handwritten notes provided in hindi for better understanding and revision.

SSC Preparation Material (Paramount)

Prepare for SSC-CGL with the best material available online. Attatched are the handwritten notes of the following subjects- Maths, english, science, polity, history, geography. All notes available in english. #SSC #PARAMOUNT#HSSC

Pub Ad notes for UPSC CSE

Public Administration notes attatched below by Neeraj Singh, AIR 11. The information provided below is for upsc preparation. Notes include topics such as Admin ethics, Admin laws, CS activism, Good governance, kautilya, union government, public policy, reforms, etc.

UPSC Preparation- Ancient History

Available below NCERT ancient history chapters for the preparation of UPSC Civil services exams. topics included- WHAT, WHERE, HOW AND WHEN?, ON THE TRAIL OF THE EARLIEST PEOPLE, FROM GATHERING TO GROWING FOOD, IN THE EARLIEST CITIES, etc. #IAS #Government Exams preparation

UPSC Preparation- Medieval History

Ncert chapters capsuled together in medieval history. Covers all medieval history relevant book chapters from grade 7th to 12th. Topics included in the attatchment below are TRACING CHANGES THROUGH YEARS,NEW KINGS AND KINGDOMS, THE DELHI SULTANS, THE CREATION OF AN EMPIRE:, etc.#IAS Preparation.