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Caslets /Paragraph Based DI High Level DI

The attatchment includes a pdf 'A CASELET PROBLEM WHICH INVOLVES THE PERFECT USE OF DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION'. This PDF will Help to get the Collection of Questions which is Highly Important for Upcoming IBPS PO & IBPS RRB PO Mains Exam 2017.

HSSC Conductor Notes And Test Papers

Uploaded haryana roadways notes and sample papers for practice. Best of luck. #govtexams#roadways#HSSC

geometry for all exams

Sharing notes of GEOMETRY for almost all competitive exams. The topics included in the attatchment are as follows Lines and Angles, TRIANGLES, REGULAR POLYGONS, CIRCLE, SOLIDS, etc. Notes are useful for preparation of exams.

Reports- Made easy

This material will focus on different reports published by various departments. Reports of companies such as Asian Development Outlook, India state of forest report, change the world list data, ease of doing business,etc.

SSC and HSSC English Sample Papers

Uploaded 35 sample papers with solution of english for SSC and HSSC.Hope it helps to improve your english for government exams. #HSSC#SSC#EnglishSamplePaper.

UPSC - Hindi

Available hand written notes for the subject Hindi. The document attatched below includes topics such as grammer ,essay, tenses, etc. for preparation of upsc exams. #IAS

Sample papers for HSSC Exams in Hindi

Today, I uploaded some sample papers with their answers for hssc exams. These papers are in hindi. Hope you all enjoy it. #HSSC#SamplePaper#InHindi

HSSC Bus Conductor First Aid Notes H/E

Sharing the notes of the topic Bus Conductor First Aid. Useful for students preparing for government exams. In this document you can find everything about this topic. The documents include contents such as ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION, BACKBONE FRACTURE, CHEMICAL BURNS, FOREIGN BODY IN THE NOSE, etc.


The below attatched pdf contains information about the government budget. It includes basic information about the budget and its allocation in departments like Railways, Road Sector, Telecom and Digital India Mission, Electronic Manufacturing, financial sector, etc.

IBPS clerk question papers

Available below are the IBPS clerk previous year question papers. Can be used for better preparation and revision by students appearing for government examinations in the near future. #clerk#banking#bank#govtexam

booklet for upsc(geography)

i am uploading a booklet that would be helpful for you if you are preparing for upsc and want to opt or have opted geography as your optional subject.

A-Z of correct english

The A-Z of correct english' book available here. The attatchment includes spelling check, synonyms, singular and prural,etc. Learn english really quick with the help of the content provided below.Also helpful for preparation of exams.