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Available below are the pdf's of 'New grammar practice for pre-intermediate studets' by Elaine Walker steve elsworth and 'NTC's American Idioms Dictionary' by Richard A. Spears. The documents attatched include topics such as NOUNS, ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS, VERBS, GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES,SENTENCE STRUCTURE, etc.

HSSC Conductor Notes And Test Papers

Uploaded haryana roadways notes and sample papers for practice. Best of luck. #govtexams#roadways#HSSC

RBI assistant question papers


knowledge of Haryana

Here, I uploaded Haryana Gyan, Haryana sports policy and National parks of India. #HSSC#SSC#HaryanaExams.

HSSC Bus Conductor First Aid Notes H/E

Sharing the notes of the topic Bus Conductor First Aid. Useful for students preparing for government exams. In this document you can find everything about this topic. The documents include contents such as ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION, BACKBONE FRACTURE, CHEMICAL BURNS, FOREIGN BODY IN THE NOSE, etc.

SSC and HSSC English Sample Papers

Uploaded 35 sample papers with solution of english for SSC and HSSC.Hope it helps to improve your english for government exams. #HSSC#SSC#EnglishSamplePaper.

Bus Conductor Notes of Haryana

Here, I uploade Haryana Bus Conductor notes for incoming exams conducted by HSSC. #govtexams#HSSC

RRB sample papers with solutions



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Preparing for the HSSC exam? wondering how the questions will be? don't know from where to stuudy? Here we are present with a solution. The attatchment contains relevant notes for the HSSC exam in the form of pdf attatchments. Sharing the most relevant and helpful content. Available with detailed information.Refer the notes for examination purpose. #hssc

Reports- Made easy

This material will focus on different reports published by various departments. Reports of companies such as Asian Development Outlook, India state of forest report, change the world list data, ease of doing business,etc.