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phrasal verbs

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the subject Government Exams. Useful for the students preparing for SSC. The content in the documents below helps you prepare for your upcoming exam better.

booklet for upsc(geography)

i am uploading a booklet that would be helpful for you if you are preparing for upsc and want to opt or have opted geography as your optional subject.

A-Z of correct english

The A-Z of correct english' book available here. The attatchment includes spelling check, synonyms, singular and prural,etc. Learn english really quick with the help of the content provided below.Also helpful for preparation of exams.

quantitive aptitude

The clip has detailed information and study material for the government exams of quantitative aptitude test, it covers all the concepts, which are important and have detailed explaination of about how the problem is to be solved. #ssc#cgl#cpo#cds#chsl#po#hssc

quicker maths

Want to learn maths quick? we have got a solution! Refer to the attatchment below and learn maths really quick. The topics included in the attatchment below are addition, multiplication, divisibility, squaring, cube, HCF and LCM, binary system, decimals and fractions, etc.

Cgl 2016 tier-2 paper

Uploading ssc cgl tier-2 2016 exam with answer keys. #ssc#cgl#2016

Pub Ad notes by Om Kashera

Uploaded in the attatchments below are the handwritten notes of public administration for upsc cse preparation by Om kashera rank 17 in UPSC Exam. This material will help in preparing better for government examinations. #UPSC

general reasoning

The attatchment includes test Series of general reasoning of Paramount with answers, best for revision after completing the course. Can be used for preparation and examination purpose, Designed for government exams such as SSC-CGL.

SBI PO mains paper

SBI po mains mock test 2 sets are attached in this clip. #sbipo#bank#ibps#govtexam


uploaded in the attatchments below are the "Geography" notes of UPSC made by Nitin Sangwan AIR 28.Can be used for revision and preparation for the upcoming exams.#UPSC #Nitin Sangwan #Geography


This document deals with the allocation of government budeget. Part 1 will deal with the first 4 aspects of the budget, such as FARMERS, RURAL POPULATION, YOUTH and THE POOR AND THE UNDERPRIVILEGED,