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quantitive aptitude

The clip has detailed information and study material for the government exams of quantitative aptitude test, it covers all the concepts, which are important and have detailed explaination of about how the problem is to be solved. #ssc#cgl#cpo#cds#chsl#po#hssc

Pub Ad notes by Kshitij Tyagi

Public Administration handwritten notes by Kshitij Tyagi rank 148 CSE 2011.


This document deals with the allocation of government budeget. Part 1 will deal with the first 4 aspects of the budget, such as FARMERS, RURAL POPULATION, YOUTH and THE POOR AND THE UNDERPRIVILEGED,

general reasoning

The attatchment includes test Series of general reasoning of Paramount with answers, best for revision after completing the course. Can be used for preparation and examination purpose, Designed for government exams such as SSC-CGL.

ECONOMY- Prep series part -2

Available below is the reverse Strategy – Solve, Revise & Improve Preparation made easier with our Prep Series Part - 2 with 50 QUESTIONS about ECONOMY.


The attatchment below provides content on why is net no longer compulsory, the content stated below is relevant and informative for students and the general public.


Webster's new world essential vocabulary' available in the pdf below.The attatchment includes SAT words, GRE words, quick reviews, answers to quick review,etc. Learn english really quick with the help of the content provided below.Also helpful for preparation of exams. . #ssc#english#vocab#govexams#hssc

Word power made easy summary

Providing Word power made easy summary to students who are aspirant for government exams. The attatchment belowcontains different words, meanings, synonyms, etc. Content below can be used for exam preparation and revision.

voice narration

The notes below are given for reference purpose while preparing for any government exam. The topics in the attatchment are active and passive based on tense, passive voice of different types of sentences, etc.

quantitive aptitude for all

Complete book made available for increasing quantative aptitude by Abhijit guha sir. The document includes practice test series for better scoring in government exams. Available in english lanuage.

Haryana VAT Rule Changes by Government

Uploaded New VAT Rules (Haryana) which are changed by government. #HSSC#ExciseAndTexation


Anyone can refer this notes for understanding basic knowledge about Road transport in India; reforms taken in this sector and the recent initiatives taken.