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Competition law

A brief of the competition laws

Intellectual property laws

A brief of the intellectual property laws


With the alarming rate of modern slavery, there is a heated debate on whether it is required to introduce a new bill or the one that is in existence is sufficient. Whatever be the matter, the govt has to take stringent measures in this regard in order to free our country that is plagued by human trafficking.

Solitary confinement

Solitary confinement

Definition and Nature of a company

Definition and Nature of a company Features of a company


Refer to the slides to get an overall insight into the role , responsibilities and fuctions of SEBI.

WIPO Copyright Treaty

WIPO Copyright Treaty

911 Attacks

911 Attacks

Indian HR labour laws

This document contains the basic indian hr labor laws followed in the corporates.

Act of god:defence used in law

This contains the concept of act of god which is used by the corporates in their defence in generalĀ 

An introduction to PARLIAMENT OF INDIA

An introduction to PARLIAMENT OF INDIA by Dr. Yogendra Narain (Secretary-General Rajya Sabha)


I have used these notes to understand the detailed role and functions of RBI for my semester exams and general knowledge.