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Consumer Protection Act

Bried presentation on the Consumer Protection Act in India

Payment of Gratuity Act

A brief presentation on Payment of Gratuity Act in India.

Developing marketing strategies

Introduction marketing.

KAM Integrative framework

The key nexus for and against KAM are as follows, • From the suppliers’ perspective, strategic customers have become more difficult to acquire and retain as markets mature and as such customers demand ever better service at ever lower prices. • But at the same time the proportion of business coming from key accounts is increasing, but the increased power of these customers makes it more difficult for suppliers to capture value from the relationship. The benefits to the customer of being treated as a strategic account are clear; however, powerful customers may completely eat away the benefits to their supplier too by entering into such relationships. Thus relationships with very large customers may be unprofitable for suppliers. Therefore, suppliers need to understand how to capture value from their key customers. With these observations we have come up with five premises,

Merger Analysis of RJR Nabisco case

These excel sheets shows the impact and financial analysis of Merger and Acquisition in RJR Nabisco Case

Flow of Purchase

This is an excercise about how a consumer decides to purchase a mundane product.

Attribution theory

Attribution theory aids in perceptual interpretation.


Inflation and Its causes

Controlling in Organizations

This whole article tells us about the controlling measures in the organization.

Curriculam developement

Curriculum development is a study of education systems, whether current or past, so writing about the topic involves discussing teaching methods, education research and theory. Such a research paper should have specialized focuses rather than broad approaches, Select a specific issue or field related to curriculum development and narrow the paper's focus as much as possible. Evolution and the Theory of Creation in Science Curriculum Study groups of high school science classes within similar socio-economic backgrounds to compare and contrast the teaching of evolution and creation. Since the 1990s, such states as Kansas and Kentucky have de-emphasized the teaching of evolution in favor of representing the alternate intelligent design or creation theory. Explore what effect this change has had on general student reception to and understanding of basic scientific principles. Contrast an evolution-only curriculum with a creation curriculum to discover the concepts that students and teachers share and differ about. General Teaching Curriculum for a Subset Study the question of how curriculum and teaching methods reach students in a general population. Research a particular level of schooling, such as high school or elementary, or a specific grade to articulate what changes for improvement need to be made. Study retention rates or student comprehension through testing and classroom interaction. Explore what options that modern faculty have to improve their connection with students. Consider whether the traditional public school classroom dynamic remains relevant in the 21st century or does its influence wane in the face of a dominant culture. Modern, Interactive and Hi-Tech Teaching Aides and Subjects Explore what effects the federal No Child Left Behind law has had on public school education. Study the effects of standardized testing on learning and grades. Research what other modern methods are working or failing in the classroom. Examine the role of high-tech teaching methods and technological or visual aides in the classroom. Write about what ways that the Internet and television can be used as positive learning resources.