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Bad Loans, NPAs and Loan waivers

Here is a short original article on the current situation of rising non performing assets , bad loans and loan waivers

Erin Brockovich Movie Ethical Analysis

Ethical issues in globalized world. This discusses about the primary business ethics issues like deception,bribery,extortion,harm to the environment using the case study of Pacific gas and electric company which is thrown light upon by this movie. #nmims


Case analysis available on marketing management including topics such as DEMAND FLUCTUATION, IMPACT OF DEMAND FLUCTUATIONS, BENEFITS OF IMPLEMENTING JITD, PROBLEM STATEMENT, etc.

Microsoft PM Challenge

Microsoft PM Challenge

VIDEN and IIM Indore platform gave us an opportunity to share whatever knowledge we got in our college to share with the people whoever in need through online.  Whenever I refer to online materials regarding some topic, I feel very thankful for those good souls who took their time to share it online. But when I do it now, I am feeling really good.  Having used this platform, I would like to say three things about it. Learnings: 1. The life of our assignments becomes infinite 2. To use any of our work in the past, we have to be organized 3. It is good to see that our work is benefitting many people Likings: 1. The website is very user-friendly 2. Easy to understand and upload contents 3. Ratings for our works 4, Our images on the home page of website. 5. Real-time information about views, stash, and feedback Expectations: Some tangible benefit for every content we upload

Case write-up for AMERICAN WELL

sharing a case write up of an mba student pursuing from iim. #casestudy#iim#management

Market Research on Nokia Smart Phone Launch

Market research on Nokia Smart Phone Launch. Useful for students studying management, marketing and sales. Can also be used for reference purpose in assignments. Topics included- Research Design, Problem definition, Introduction, etc.

Case Analysis_Keda’s SAP Implementation

Case Study Analysis of “Campbell and Bailyn Boston Office: Managing the Reorganization" given below. The attatched pdf is for business students, studying human resources as a subject. Content includes- Company Background and Keda’s Key Business Functions, Problem Statement, Options, Criteria of Evaluation, Evaluation of Options and Recommendations

Dabur Real Juice Marketing analysis

This knowledge is a case study about Dabur Real Fruit Juice company.It describes origin,its product range, competititors, target market and its position in the consumer market.#NMIMS

Ratios for MBA students

Important ratios to be considerd between two variables for planning out a marketing plan for a product, #planning#ratios#marketing#iim

YesBank 2017 Sample Case Study

Yes Bank 2017 Case Competition case studies. IBM Intellicap Morph

Airtel-Case study

Case study of airtel by iim students.