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Study of 4 Ps for a Brand-Product combination

A report for 'Kingfisher'  based on the items given below: 1.Sum-up the brand promise offered. 2.What brand elements are the most useful for differentiating 'Kingfisher' from competing brands? 3.Which aspects of product differentiation are the most valuable insetting the brand apart from its competitors? 4.How does the brand use packaging and labeling to support its brand image and help its channel partners sell the product more effectively? 5.What are the current pricing objectives of the brand and what price adaptations (such as discount allowances and promotional pricing) does the brand include? 6.How does the pricing strategy of the brand differ from its competitors? 7.What are the current distribution channels and levels adopted by this brand and does it require any addition/deletion of the channels or levels to improve its distribution strategy? 8.What are the communication objectives for this brand to reach its targeted segments? 9.What are the communication media adopted by the brand and do these match with the brand’s communication objectives? 10. What are the consumer promotion and trade promotion, if any, being offered by the brand?

SFAMA- Material on M&A

SFAMA, This material helps in understanding basics of M&A. It also includes the financial aspect of it

International Finance slides

International Finance slides

HUL Soap brands_Sales & Distribution channel

Sharing a case study for the students of Marketing Management class for marketing and sales purpose. This case study can be used for project and examination purpose. The attatchment includes topics such as product portfolio of HUL, innovative sales and distribution initiatives by HUL, sales and distribution system, etc.

Several Articles

Several articles on Operations, Marketing, Cost Accounting, Political Economy and Contemprorary Moral Issues and Ethics. 

Course outlines 

Course outlines  IIM Indore


These presentations provide a to the point overview for Human Resource Management. They would be handy during exam preparations too.

Introduction to sociology Slides

Introduction to sociology Slides

Computer programming and application

Computer programming and application for managers

Corporate finance Risk and Return

Simplified notes with problems and their solutions

Management files

Files related to Management course

YesBank 2017 Sample Case Study

Yes Bank 2017 Case Competition case studies. IBM Intellicap Morph