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microeconomics chapter 10 for iim

Chapter 10 of Microeconomics for management students.

Sunwind - Operations

Notes available on the topic Sunwind - Operations, for the students studying management, operations as a subject. The documents below contains topics such as SUNWIND CASE: Current Situation, Process flow diagram of Sunwind operations, Improvements provided by JIT, etc.

Theory of Constraints_ Godrej locks

Theory of Constraints Godrej Locks case analysis summary

CAMELS Ratings

The attatchment below includes CAMELS Ratings for banks. The pdf includes analysis based on Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management Quality, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to market risk,etc. Can be used for projects and assignments.

CSR question paper 2015-16

This knowledge presents the Final Examination Question Paper of subject Corporate Social Responsibilty of SVKM's NMIMS School of Business Management  #NMIMS

IIMA casebook

IIM-A casebook by consult club.


#IIM #Business_Communication_Report

ECSR movie study

One of the many exercises that are given to us during our tenure, is movie study, sharing one of those here. #iim#moviereview#study#analysing

Case study of FORD(noncommercial automobiles)

case solution and strategic operations implemented by ford.


THREE SIMPLE FINANCIAL HACKS TO TACKLE OVERSPENDING HABIT. REASON From scratching my head to fixing  equations on overspending I figured out “bad money management” was the basic reason behind this. And this is because most of us are not taught about lessons on how to manage our money from our childhood unlike other lessons on bad habits like drinking and smoking. Here are few simple hacks you can try on:- 1.      Track your spending. Keep a track of your spending or maintain a spreadsheet. Breaking up your expenses into categories like food, clothing, housing, medical care, emergency, fixed deposit and so on, makes you more realistic and aware about your budget. So that you can put a limit on daily expenses by substituting all the equations involving in your budget. 2.      Taking advantage of coupons and promotional codes on internet. Yes, taking advantage of promotional coupons and codes helps you save a lot of money. Online shopping is in trend and due to increasing competition in this field the online sales provider are coming with different rate of heavy discount on same stuffs, So just grab these kind of opportunity, compare and then buy, I guarantee you , it will save a lot of your money.   3.      Earn, plan and then spend. “Good habits happen when planned, bad habits(overspending) happen on their own”. You can divide your money and put it into envelopes, marking down on the envelops what each pile of money is for. That can make it easier to see where your money is going. Do this, and you’ll be more educated about how much money you actually have, and how much you have left over for fun stuff.  

Organisational Behavior (Post Mid Term Notes)

Uploading OB notes Post Mid Term from IIM. #IIM#MBA#MBAnotes

Case study of SENATE bank

case study of senate bank comparing its performance with people's bank by iim students.