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FMCG_Product extension_Dabur Panchamrit

The attatchment below can be used by students of management, wanting to study marketing and sales. The Pdf includes topics of dabur panchamrit like Consumer Insight, Product Description, Competitor Analysis, Competitor Response Profile, Product Stategy, Benefits, Benefit Statements,etc. #FMCG

Presentation for FASHION tV(case)

Case study of Fashion tv by an iim graduate, #case#solution#iim#marketingplan#insight#acumen

Case Analysis - Jess Westerly at Kauflauf Gmb

Situation Analysis, Problem Definition, Options Available, Criteria for Evaluation, Evaluation of the options, Recommendation & Action Plan for the case "Jess Westerly at Kauflauf Gmb"


I share a case study from one of the most prestigious business school in INDIA. Hope It would be of some kind of help. #casestudy#mba#management#marketing#research

Operations Management - Toyota

operataions Management

Case study-Newspaper industry

Topics in the given documents include Current trends,insights,sales model used in newspaper industry as illustrated by IIM-i students. Useful for projects and assignments of students of the course management and the subject Managerial IT/ ITeS.

Crisis Management _Satyam Scandal

How a leader should behave during a crisis? An analysis of Satyam Scandal

Retail store management_Adidas Store

Attatched below is a report of the company Adidas and it's store. Can be used by management students, studying subject marketing and sales. Including topics Overview of the Organisation, Retail format, Promotional strategy, Usage of technology, Consumer aspects & Customer Relationship Management, etc.

Polar Sports HBS Case and Solution

Polar Sports HBS Case and Solution

Ross Abernathy and Frontier Bank

A Business Communication Case which highlights the various pros and cons of 3 options when it came to the decision making of the Bank Head, and how a best option can win back the stability of the Bank. 

Case study-ULTRATECH cement