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What does the "Your 2017 on Quora" email for you l

I became a part of this best knowledge sharing platform in October, 2016 and started observing the great minds here. Soon, I became so addicted to Quora that my browsing history started showing Quora on top of everything and honestly, I am happy for having a semi-transparent relationship (sometimes it ditches me and collapses my answer for violating its moderation) with it. When crush refused to go out with me, Quora held my hands and and we spent the best times with each other. We were so busy with ourselves that my parents and friends asked me “Ye Quora Quora kya hai, ye Quora Quora?” whenever I shared something it taught me. Anyway, my 2017 on Quora email looks something like this. Quite surprisingly, 87 new members joined our family, Quora! See, I told you I am not just a crap bag, despite what my mom thinks. Yeah, I am a lesser known writer here but look, I've got some followers who like my stuff!(it feels great :v) Hey Quora, we have accompanied each other in the toughest times (social gatherings and boring lectures) for one whole year now and I don’t want to hear “we need to talk Shubham…” from you for God's sake! Enough rubbish for today xD Love y’all Quorans! Shubham Kumar Sharma Image source: My phone gallery.


The big news out of Auto Expo 2018 is that the Honda CBR250R will be making a comeback in a BS IV compliant avatar this year. The new 2018 Honda CBR250R was showcased at the ongoing Auto Expo 2018. It will have a few subtle upgrades, new colour options and decals as well as a full-LED headlamp. The update brings a freshness to the motorcycle, adding a new element to its styling. When BS IV emission norms came into effect in mid 2017 the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) had taken the CBR250R off the Indian market. At that time, there were rumours of either the Honda CBR250RR or the larger CBR300R being the replacement for the 250R. However, Honda later confirmed that neither of those would make it to India. The new 2018 CBR250R will be an all-LED headlamp setup to bring it up to the level with competitors. This motorcycle also receives new graphics which highlight its shape better. There will be two new colour options in the form of green and orange, apart from the existing colours. Honda India has plans to improve on their market share and the launch of this model is expected to contribute to the targets set by company. In terms of the power train, the 2018 Honda CBR250R continues using the same 249 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine tuned to produce 26 bhp at 8500 rpm and 22.9 Nm of peak torque at 7000 rpm. The motor comes paired to a 6-speed gearbox. The CBR250R uses telescopic forks up front and a monoshock setup at the rear, while braking performance continues to come from discs at either end. Thus we all are awaiting eagerly for the launch and since with advances in its style and excess power it will certainly be a power packed model to rule its market segment.  


SOME IDIOSYNCRATIC FACTS OF MONA LISA       Mona Lisa.......the name is only enough to bring some beautiful, mysterious and bizarre thoughts in mind. The most famous and talked about painting was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci during Italian Renaissance. It is believed that this art piece is the most visited, the most written about and the most parodied in the world. Whether it be her ticklish smile or her charming and eyes, it bounds one to question about her mood and spirit. Mona Lisa is so beautiful and alluring that she can be used as a parameter to express beauty. People congregate in huge numbers to its home, the Louvre museum of Paris. Let’s have some glimpses on it’s history, creation and mysteries most importantly.                     1- It is believed to have been painted between 1503 and 1506. Leonardo may have continued working on it as late as 1517.   2- The actual name of the painting is not Mona Lisa. It’s name is Monna Lisa, which means “ My Lady” in Italian language.   3- The painting is small than one can imagine. It measures just 30 by 21 inches and weighs 18 pounds.   4- It is in oil on a white Lombardy poplar panel. A panel painting is a painting made on a flat panel made of wood, either a single piece, or a number of pieces joined together.   5- The painting is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Her husband authorized the production of the portrait. They had five children and led a comfortable and satisfactory middle class life.   6- The most mysterious part of this unique painting is her smile. Some thinks that her smile shows that she is sad while other thinks that she is happy. Some believed that her smile changed when seen from different angles. But in 2000, Harvard neuro scientist  Dr. Margaret Livingstone appealed a scientific mechanism to why Mona Lisa's smile seems to shift. It's all about where our focus is, and how our brain responds.   7- The beautiful Mona Lisa has no eye brows. Yes, this is another interesting fact. It is said that Da Vinci never completed the painting. Another reason which came to light is that when the authorities were re-establishing the painting, it got removed accidentally.   8- Researches shows that the portrait had three layers of painting before the present version of Mona Lisa.   9- Like a chapter straight out of the popular book "The Da Vinci Code," art historians have found microscopic codes hidden within the eye of the perplexing charming painting.   10- The technique Leonardo Da Vinci used to paint Mona Lisa was sfumato which means painting without outlines or boarders.   11- The painting has an imperfection. In 1956, a man named Ugo Ungaza threw a stone at the painting. This resulted in a small patch of vandalize paint next to her left elbow.   12- In 1911, Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre. It wasn’t recovered until two years later, in December 1913.   13- In 1852, an artist named Luc Maspero threw himself from the fourth floor of a Parisian hotel, leaving a suicide note containing that for years he had grapple desperately with her smile. Thus he preferred to die. Then in 1910, one fascinated fan came before her exclusiveness and uniqueness to shoot himself as he looked upon her.   14- The painting is extremely well kept and maintained. In Louvre, it has a room of its own. It is protected in a climate controlled environment and encased in bullet proof glass. The room was built exclusively for the painting and it cost the museum over seven million dollars.   15- The painting is considered priceless and so it cannot be insured. 


PEOPLE HAILING IN BOLLYWOOD FROM ODISHA     1-MIRA NAIR Mira Nair was born on 15 October,1957in Rourkela, Odisha, grew up with her two older brothers and parents in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.She ia an Indian American filmmaker based in New York. Mirabai Films, her production company, mainly focus in films for international audiences on Indian society, whether in the economic, social or cultural sector.Migration, The Bengali Detective, Still, The Children are Here, So Far From India, are some of her excellent works.She was awarded the India Abroad Person of the Year-2007. In 2012 she was awarded India's third highest civilian award the Padma Bhushan by President of India, Pratibha Patil. 2-SONA MOHAPATRA Born on 17 June,1976, in Cuttack, Odisha ,Sona Mohapatra has left no stone unfold to make Odisha proud. She is multi-talented being an Indian singer, music composer, producer and lyricist.Sona Mohapatra came to mainstream fame and distinction with the trendbreaking talk show with Aamir Khan [Satyamev Jayate] in which she frequently appeared as a lead singer and performer.She has won many bollywood awards too.Sona is married to Ram Sampath, a song composer and music director.   3-SUBASH SAHOO Background music plays an important role in movies. It adds essence to the movie. Susabh Sahoo, coming from Kendrapara, Odisha, has excelled in this field. An electronics and communication engineer by profession but his passion and interest leaded him to a different tangent which of course made him gain fame, appreciation and satisfaction.He went to give some of the most brilliant songs in bollywood history like  Omkara, Kaminey, Khosla ka Ghosla , Once upon a time in Mumbai, etc.   4-KRISHNA BEURA Hailing from Cuttack, Odisha, this odia gentleman has amazed everyone with his high pitched notes and the soulful voice. With sweetness in his voice and carrying them to high notes, he has the ability to rule one’s heart. Some of his spellbinding and awe-inspiring creations are Maula mere lele meri jaan from Chak De India, Main jahan rahoon from Namastey London and Zindagi mein koi kabhi from Musafir. His golden voice enchants and captivates the audiences. 5-NANDITA DAS Nandita Das is an Indian film actress and director, is a woman of substance from Baripada who has taken her Odia roots and planted it deep and strong in the spangle town.she is known for her performances mainly in movies which generally contains a different taste like,  Fire, Earth, Bawandar, KannathilMuthamittal ,Azhagi an Before The Rains. Firaaq, her directorial debut feature film, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008, and has traveled to over 50 festivals, winning over 20 awards. Nandita Das started her acting career with the theatre group Jana Natya Manch. She has really made Odisha and India proud with her colossal talents and achievements. In fact She’s all set to make Odisha, world famous!

History of OB

History of OB

Tata Motors to showcase 6 electric vehicles

The Auto Expo is around the corner and we will be soon witnessing a lot of exciting additions. Auto major Tata Motors will showcase an extended range of six electric vehicles, in personal and mass mobility segments in the upcoming Auto Expo. The company has already announced that it will present 26 smart mobility solutions across its passenger and commercial vehicles at the expo to be held from February 9-14. These six electric vehicles will be among those exhibits.   Past Events : India unveiled "National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020" in 2013 to address the issue of National Energy Security, Vehicular Pollution and Growth of Domestic Manufacturing Capabilities. Government of India has plans to make a major change in this segment by 2030 as supported in its commitment to Paris Agreement. Current Status : As of now the Indian Market is having Mahindra e20plus, Mahindra e-verito and Tata Tigor Electric as the fully electric cars. There are Hybrid cars available in the market like Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz to name a few.   Tata at Auto Expo 2018 : Connecting the targets set by the Indian Government with the company objectives, Tata has planned to launch their electric vehicles at this year's Auto Expo 2018. This year, the company's focus of the Auto Expo will be journey towards the future of integrated mobility solutions, outlining plans for the future of India's Smart Cities and its connected generation.  "While we cannot comment on specifics, we can confirm that Tata Motors will indeed showcase an extended range of six electric vehicles, enabling personal and mass mobility, further reiterating our commitment to the government's vision for electrification by 2030," a Tata Motors Spokesperson said. EESL will supply 350 electric cars to Tata Motors, while rival Mahindra & Mahindra will supply 150 electric cars. The company has rolled out the first batch of electric version of its compact sedan Tigor from Sanand plant to be supplied to Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL). Commenting on the company's EV roadmap, Tata Motors CEO and Managing Director Guenter Butschek said, "Working collaboratively with the government to facilitate faster adoption of EVs, we at Tata Motors, are completely ready to drive the EV revolution and build a sustainable future for India".   Electric Models : The Tigor Electric compact sedan that Tata supplies to EESL features a 40 Bhp electric motor that can propel the car to a distance of about 120-150 kilometers per charge. The battery of the car can be recharged to 80 % capacity in just 90 minutes through the use of a fast charger. It remains to be seen if the Tiago Electric will feature similar specifications. Moreover, it is not known if Tata Motors will see the Tigor and Tiago Electric cars to private buyers in the same specification that it uses for government supply. In terms of pricing, the Tigor and Tiago Electric have a chance of success in the Indian market only if priced well under Rs. 10 lakhs. Otherwise, it does not make sense to buy electric cars despite their lower running costs as petrol and diesel versions of the Tiago and Tigor start from well under Rs. 5 lakhs. The only other electric cars sold in India to private buyers are the Mahindra E2O four door hatchback and eVerito sedan. Both cars are very poor sellers mainly because of their high purchase prices.   Non Electric Models To Electric Models : Tata Nexon will be coming in the SUV category. It will range from Rs 6.36 lakh to Rs 10.61 lakh. Tata Bolt will be launched in the Hatchback segment. Providing a mileage of 18-23 kmpl it is one of the most looked forward to cars. It will be priced between to Rs 5.12 lakh to Rs 8.14 lakh. Tata Hexa will be launched in the Crossover in the price range of Rs 14 lakh to Rs 21 lakh. Thus we can expect a good display of vehicles with lots of attractive features coming up in the Auto Expo 2018. Tata will be coming up with the new models and will align its company objectives to the Indian Mission of Electric Cars by 2030. The Auto Expo 2018 is sure to turn a few eyeballs.

Mahindra eKUV100 EV showcased at Auto Expo

The highly anticipated line of electric vehicles were put on show by Mahindra at Auto Expo 2018. Amongst these was also Mahindra eKUV and it will be launched in India in 2019. The all electric version of KUV100 hatchback is a part of Mahindra's plan to electrify its range in future. Future Plan : Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd unveiled its plans to shape the ‘Future of Mobility’ at the Auto Expo 2018. The Future of Mobility is a showcase of Mahindra’s sustainable mobility solutions that are technologically advanced and aim to optimally address the evolving needs and preferences of the consumers. It highlights the company’s future-ready suite of unique passenger and mass mobility products, concepts and solutions built around its '3Cs' philosophy of Clean, Connected and Convenient. As India's EV pioneer, Mahindra also displayed its widest range of electric vehicles, including concepts and technology. In the spotlight, was Mahindra’s entire range of electric vehicles, the widest ever displayed, as well as mobility solutions and concepts from three wheelers to buses. This included the UDO, a stylish 2 seater electric pod concept; the ATOM, a new age urban mobility solution for emerging India; the Treo, a cutting-edge Lithium-ion battery powered electric three-wheeler; the e2o NXT, a refreshed version of the e2oPlus hatchback; the eKUV100, India’s first electric mini SUV; and the e-Cosmo, the compa Technical Features : The eKUV100 concept on display uses the same 30kW motor and lithium-ion battery pack as the eVerito already on sale. Mahindra claims a range of 140km on a single charge and that the battery is capable of fast charging, with 80 percent being charged in less than an hour. However, the Mahindra Electric official we spoke to said that the eKUV100 could run an updated motor and battery pack by the time it launches in 2019. Design : There isn’t much to differentiate, both on the inside as well as on the outside, the electric version of the KUV100 from the standard internal combustion model, besides the EV badging and minor detailing. However, the lack of a standard transmission tunnel means there is more space liberated for the front passengers, meaning a six-seat layout is easier to configure. The Mahindra eKUV100 is equipped with smartphone connectivity, remote diagnostics, cabin pre-cooling and real-time location tracking. The car will also monitor driving styles and calculate battery status depending on accelerator and driving inputs. Key Points : Future of Mobility showcased around three pillars – Clean, Connected & Convenient (3Cs) Hash tags - #FutureofMobility& #3Cs Mahindra displays its widest ever Electric Vehicle (EV) portfolio On Display: Unveils the ATOM – a new age urban mobility solution for emerging India Showcases the UDO Concept – a stylish two-seater electric pod for last mile connectivity Treo – an all new Li-thium ion battery powered electric three - wheeler e-Cosmo – Mahindra’s all new Electric Bus First of its kind 380 Volt powertrain - Mahindra Electric Scalable Modular Architecture (MESMA) and Mobility Solutions Platform +NEMO Displays SsangYong’s G4 Rexton with Mahindra badging New format, next generation ‘Dealership of Future’ designed by Pininfarina to redefine the customer experience

IIM Kashipur through my lens 2

IIM Kashipur through my lens Part 2

Mercedes Benz unveils India’s first BS VI complian

The first ever BS VI compliant petrol & diesel engine car has been launched by Mercedes Benz. The new petrol engine will be making its way to the Mercedes Maybach S-Class 560, the new S-Class will be fitted with BS VI compliant diesel engine and it will be launched by the end of 2018. With the introduction of this technology, Mercedes Benz becomes the first auto brand to introduce the BS VI compliant vehicle in India. The "Made in India, for India" models with the new BS VI compliant engines will lead to significant reduction in NOx levels by as much as 68%. The PM limits will also be greatly reduced by 82%. Nitin Gadkari stated that this new technology would be a game changer which will significantly reduce pollution levels. It will help to advance to better technologies in India which are currently being used in global markets. Gadkari has also urged Mercedes Benz to introduce Ethanol and Electric cars in the future. The Mercedes Benz upcoming S 350d and Mercedes Maybach S 560 have also received certificates as "Indian Crash Norm Compliant" vehicles from ARAI. Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India stated, "We are glad to fulfil our commitment to the customers and to the Government’s vision of 'Make in India', by introducing the first ever 'Made in India, for India' BS VI compliant vehicles. Mercedes Benz vehicles are world class products and they comply with the most stringent emission standards, and the ARAI certified new BS VI vehicles reiterate this high benchmark. The introduction of BS VI vehicles for the Indian market is a significant milestone. We strongly believe that this will pave the way for other manufacturers to introduce their BS VI vehicles in India. This, we believe would also be beneficial for the end customer as they could use the latest technology available."

Could you show us some of your art?

I love drawing and sketching, but as almost every Indian teenager, I left my passion of art to prepare for the prestigious IIT-JEE. The exam time is over now, results are out and college has been finalized already. I started pursuing my passion again after a long 3 year gap. I do some different art known as “Negative Drawing” or “invert sketching”. Basically what it means is, I draw with black pen and pencil (yes both) on a white sheet of paper and then click a picture of it. After that, I apply the “Negative filter” or “invert colour filter” on it (present in most photo editors now a days). So, here are some of my recent works. First of all, Batman. I think it's not that recognizable but she is Jennifer Lawrence. I challenge you to guess who this lady is! Answer is in the end, do not dare to cheat. Actually I saw someone making these kind of sketches on Instagram so I thought I should also give it a try. I Googled negative art sketches and found some awesome drawings and I drew the same with some variations. The time lapse video of my sketches are available at youtube: Pencil Sketching ||mysterious lady|| (inverted sketching) by Shubham Kumar Negative Drawing by Shubham Kumar Also you can check out my Instagram profile for the time lapse video and other sketches. Shubham Kumar (@shubham_shawarma) • Instagram photos and videos I hope you liked my work. I will make a lot of sketches in the holidays I've got before the college starts and will update this answer as I make new ones, so stay tuned. P.S. That lady in the last sketch was none other than The Nun (Valak) when she was in her twenties. Kidding xD she is just an imagination nothing else.


Agriculture is the cultivation of land and breeding of animals and plants to provide food, fiber, medicinal plants, and other products to sustain and enhance life.[1] Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to live in cities. The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years; people gathered wild grains at least 105,000 years ago and began to plant them around 11,500 years ago before they became domesticated. Pigs, sheep, and cattle were domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Crops originate from at least 11 regions of the world. Industrial agriculture based on large-scale monoculture has in the past century come to dominate agricultural output, though about 2 billion people worldwide still depend on subsistence agriculture. Modern agronomy, plant breeding, agrochemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, and technological developments have sharply increased yields from cultivation, but at the same time have caused widespread ecological and environmental damage. Selective breeding and modern practices in animal husbandry have similarly increased the output of meat, but have raised concerns about animal welfare and environmental damage through contributions to global warming, depletion of aquifers, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, and growth hormones in industrially produced meat. Genetically modified organisms are widely used, although they are banned in several countries. The major agricultural products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials (such as rubber). Classes of foods include cereals (grains), vegetables, fruits, oils, meat, milk, fungi, and eggs. Over one-third of the world's workers are employed in agriculture, second only to the service sector, although the number of agricultural workers in developed countries has decreased significantly over the past several centuries.

Jio Republic Day 2018 Plans

Disruption ! Jio has done it again ! After Airtel announced the 149 plan yesterday, Jio has comeback strongly to turn the game on its head by introducing the "Jio Republic Day 2018" plans. The cheapest plan from Jio costs Rs 98/- offering 3GB data for 28days in comparison to that of Airtel offering 1GB data at Rs 149/-. As we start thinking that the "Jio Effect" is coming down it somehow finds a new way to disrupt the market again. This has been Jio's strategy since Day 1 and despite all the low cost plans Jio has managed to earn maximum profits in the last quarter. All this has happened in last 15 months. Jio Republic Day 2018 Plans : Jio has done 2 things here; They have redued the prices of all plans by Rs. 50/- They have added 50% more benefit to all the plans So, what this effectively means is that all plans now offer 50% more data and cost Rs. 50/- lesser. Where a plan previously offered 1GB data per day, it will now offer 1.5GB data per day. The 1.5GB plans will now offer 2GB data per day. The Basic Jio Plan The cheapest and the most basic plan here at Rs. 98/- gets you 2GB data for a period of 28 days. Additional benefits include free unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Jio 1.5GB Data Per Day Plans There are no plans in this offer which give 1GB data per day but instead there are four plans which offer 1.5GB data per day. The Rs. 149/– plan gives 42GB data for 28 days. The Rs. 349/- plan offers 105GB data for 70 days. The Rs. 399/- plan offers 126GB data for 84 days. The Rs. 449/- plan will give you 136GB data for 91 days. These plans will include all the other benefits of free unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day and access to Jio’s premium apps. Jio 2GB Data Per Day Plans Earlier, there was only a single plan which offered 2GB of high-speed data per day. The number has now increased to four! I think these will be among the best-sellers due to the  unbeatable value to high-volume data consumers. The Rs. 198/– plan now offers 56GB data for 28 days. The Rs. 398/- plan will give you 140GB data for 70 days. The Rs. 448/- plan offers 168GB data for 84 days. The Rs. 498/- plan will give you 182GB data for 91 days. These plans will include all the other benefits of free unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day and access to Jio’s premium apps.