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EEE btech 2nd sem

This clip is for second sem notes of westbengal university of technology.

ECE btech 2nd sem

Available below is the notes for ECE btech for 2nd semester students. Topics included in the content are Compiling and Linking, Compiling and Linking Using cc, The GCC Compiler, Integrated Development Environments, The General Form of a Simple Program, etc.

Amity 5cse compiler construction lab file

Available below is the computer science and engineering, semester 5 compiler construction lab file for the students of Amity university. #Amityuniversity

Why should we study?

Boring lectures! Boring exams! Boring homework! Ever the ultimate question of student’s life bothered you? “Why do I need to study?” From our childhood the people around you force us to study, “you will become a big man and earn good money” they say, but no one really tells us why to study. To answer this question let me take you to the past. There are just two types of parents in this world. One who can afford the things their child wants or demands for and two those who cannot afford the demands of child. Our past experience must have made us learn this one thing about our parents. Now let’s go to the future. If today you have demanded for something costly say an iphone or your personal bike, what if in future your kids turn to you and ask for the same thing. What kind of parent you want to be then? If we all understand this basic thing then we will get the answer for why we should study. Now, many people say they are poor they cannot afford to study at big colleges or they can’t afford books, but it’s not true. As the wise saying goes-“if you are born poor that’s not your problem, but if you die poor then that’s your problem”. So, the basic need to study is success. Now success is different for different people. For some it is may be the happiness you get from doing what you like, for some it may be the money they earn. But anyhow in any form it is inter-related to each other. If one is doing what he likes he can earn great money. If one earns great money that he can do what he likes, see everything is relative. This proves that it’s not only just studies that can lead one to the path of success. If one does what he likes to do i.e follows his passion than he can be successful. So it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. No matter what you do try to be best at it. There are ample ways to earn money, but one should know how to do it. It’s not about studying but about equipping yourself, regarding knowledge and that knowledge may or may not be regarding your course, the only thing matters is your should know about that knowledge perfectly and that will make a true difference. It’s well said by Shiv Khera –         “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

Amity B. A. L. L. B. sem 3 constitutional law

Amity university B.A.L.L.B. semester 3 constitutional law notes

K-maps(Karnaugh map)

K-maps explained in detail.

ECE btech 1st sem

Available below is the notes for ECE btech for 1st semester students. Topics included in the content are linear momentum, Constraints, generalised, hamilton, lagarangian, biosavart, electromagnetic, etc.

Amity B. A. L. L. B. sem 1 notes history p-3

Amity university B.A.L.L.B. semester 1 history part 3 notes

Amity BBA general sem 3 business law

Amity university BBA general semester 3 business law notes

ECE btech 4TH sem


Amity maths sem 1 question paper 2015

Question paper available for semester 1 students for preparation and revision purpose. Subject of the examination paper is Maths, of the year 2015. #Amityuniversity

Amity english question paper for sem 1 aset

Amity university english question paper for sem 1 aset year 2015