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metallurgy gate papaer

metallurgy gate paper

AUTOMOBILE btech 8TH sem


Amity economics aset complete notes

Amity university economics sem1 or sem2 complete notes Aset

Amity BBA general sem 1 management foundation

Module 1 and module 2 notes available for BBA students, semester 1. The attatchment includes explaination of topics such as Planning, nature of planning, importance of planning, types of planning,etc. Students may refer for preparation and examination purpose. #Amityuniversity


Notes available for course management for students of 2nd semester. Topics included in the attatchment below are introduction to hospital management, structure of marketing departments in both small and large organizations, Neurology, effective e-relationships, etc.

Amity BBA general sem 1 business accountancy

Amity university BBA general semester 1 business accountancy notes

Amity computer science sem 5 question paper aset

Sharing Amity university notes of the subject computer science, semester 5 question paper aset.The attatchment Includes the following topics BS,ENGLISH,COMPILER,MATHS,SOFTWARE ENGINEERING and COA. #amityuniversity

AUTOMOBILE btech 5TH sem

This clip is for btech 5 sem for automobile dept

Amity BBA general sem 2 organisational behavior

Amity university BBA general semester 2 organisational behaviour notes

Amity BBA general sem 2 principles of marketing

Amity university BBA general semester 2 principles of marketing notes

Amity B. A. L. L. B. sem 1 notes history p-3

Amity university B.A.L.L.B. semester 1 history part 3 notes

IIT Mandi - Physics Practicum Course Lab Manuals

Complete lab manuals required for all the 11 experiment in the Physics Practicum Course - Even Sem. It contains Lab Manual for the following 11 experiments : 1. Mechanical Hysteresis: Relationship between torque and rotation of a metal bar (steel, aluminum, brass, Copper) 2. Frank Hertz experiment: To study the excitation potential of a gas molecule. 9. Magnetic field due to a single coil : Magnetic field along the axis of the coil at different positions, Effect of different coil radius 4. Magnetic Induction: Measure induced emf as a function of rate of change of flux. 5. To verify the Stefan’s law of radiation and to calculate Stefan’s constant. 6. Coupled Oscillator: Coupled vibration, Beats, Coupling of energy between two harmonic oscillators coupled to each other. 7. Helmholtz coil: Magnetic field for different separation of the coils, Superposition of field. 8. To determine the wavelength of sodium vapor lamp and curvature of lens using Newton’s ring interference pattern 9. Determination of e/m of an electron by MAGNETRON METHOD 10. Millikan’s oil drop experiment 11. Centripetal force and moment of inertia