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Geography for DU students

geography(delhi university) chapterwise -earth interior structure -isostasy -plate tectonics -weathering -mass wasting -cycle of erosion -aeolin and coastal landforms -glacial landforms

AUTOMOBILE btech 8TH sem


Amity BBA general sem 1 management foundation

Module 1 and module 2 notes available for BBA students, semester 1. The attatchment includes explaination of topics such as Planning, nature of planning, importance of planning, types of planning,etc. Students may refer for preparation and examination purpose. #Amityuniversity

metallurgy gate papaer

metallurgy gate paper


Notes available for course management for students of 2nd semester. Topics included in the attatchment below are introduction to hospital management, structure of marketing departments in both small and large organizations, Neurology, effective e-relationships, etc.

Amity journal for success behaviour science pdf

The attatchment below is a journal for success. It includes guidelines for behavioural Skills: Path to Excellence. University name- Amity, State of the university- Uttar pradesh. #Amityuniversiy

Amity economics aset complete notes

Amity university economics sem1 or sem2 complete notes Aset

AUTOMOBILE btech 5TH sem

This clip is for btech 5 sem for automobile dept

Amity BBA general sem 2 organisational behavior

Amity university BBA general semester 2 organisational behaviour notes

Amity BBA general sem 2 principles of marketing

Amity university BBA general semester 2 principles of marketing notes

Amity B. A. L. L. B. sem 1 notes history p-3

Amity university B.A.L.L.B. semester 1 history part 3 notes

Amity BBA general sem 3 business law

Amity university BBA general semester 3 business law notes