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Amity BBA general sem 2 ecommerce

Amity university BBA general semester 2 ecommerce notes


The knowledge includes topics such as Fields of Transportation, Transportation Planner, Components of Traffic Systems, Five critical components of traffic system, etc. #IIT ROORKEE

Amity evs paper for sem 1

Amity university environment science question paper for aset year 2015

Amity BBA general sem2 cost and management account

Amity university BBA general semester 2 cost and management accounting notes

intro to chemical engineering

Given below are the notes for intro to chemical engineering. The presentations attched below will include topics such as Definitions of Chemical Engineering, Chemical engineering - unique position, The Universal Engineer, CONCEPTUAL FRAME WORK OF A CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, etc. #IIT ROORKEE

Hydraulic Structures

The document attatched with the knowledge includes topics such as ENERGY LOSS AT TRANSITIONS, SUB-CRITICAL TRANSITION- Vittal and Chiranjeevi Method, Swamee – Basak’s Method, etc. #IIT ROORKEE

EEE btech 8TH sem

This clip is for eee 8 th sem of WEST BENGAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY.

Amity french sem 1 question paper 2015

Amity University provides French question paper for semester 1 students.The examination year of the french test is 2015. Attatchment provided for practice and revision purpose. #Amityuniversity


Sharing the Knowledge of ECE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Find related viddeos on this link -

Amity BBA general sem 2 individual nation((bs)

Amity university BBA general semester 2 individual nation and society notes

Mechanical Working of Metals

Mechanical Working of Metals