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Hydraulic Structures

The document attatched with the knowledge includes topics such as ENERGY LOSS AT TRANSITIONS, SUB-CRITICAL TRANSITION- Vittal and Chiranjeevi Method, Swamee – Basak’s Method, etc. #IIT ROORKEE

Amity BBA general sem 2 environmental science

Amity university BBA general semester 2 environmental science notes

Mechanical Working of Metals

Mechanical Working of Metals

Amity BBA general sem 4 financial management

Amity university BBA general semester 4 financial management notes

Amity french sem 2 question paper

Amity university french sem 2 question paper

AUTOMOBILE btech 4TH sem


K-maps(Karnaugh map)

K-maps explained in detail.

Amity university behavior science sem 2 notes

Amity university behavior science semester 2 complete notes

IIT MANDI Continuum Mechanics notes

Mine Hand Written Notes for the Continuum Mechanics Course of IIT MANDI. 

Data transmission and networking

Sharing the notes of the topic Data transmission and networking. Useful for studying electronics. In this document you can find content related to Data Communications and Networking, Concepts and Terminology, Analog and Digital Data Transmission, Transmission Impairments, etc. video link-

Amity evs paper for sem 1 aset

Available evs paper from Amity University, useful for students of semester 1. Can be utilized by studets for future preparation and revision purpose. The examination paper is provided in english language. #Amityuniversity

Amity maths sem 1 question paper 2015

Question paper available for semester 1 students for preparation and revision purpose. Subject of the examination paper is Maths, of the year 2015. #Amityuniversity