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amity physics sem 1 paper 2016

amity university physics question paper for sem 1

Amity sociology aset question paper

Amity university sociology question paper 2014 ASET

Amity BBA general sem 1 business accountancy

Amity university BBA general semester 1 business accountancy notes

Analog Electronics lectures

Complete Analog Electronics lecture slides for B Tech Electrical students by IIT Roorkee's Professor. Topics included in the documents attatched below are Emitter Feedback Bias, Frequency Response of RC Coupled Amplifier, Analysis of CE amplifier, etc.

Amity spanish sem 2 question paper

Amity university spanish question paper sem 2 

Amity BBA general sem 2 english

Amity university BBA general semester 2 english notes

EEE btech 3rd sem

This clip is for third sem of west bengaluniversity of technology.

Amity BBA general sem 5 fundamentals of training&d

Amity university BBA general semester 5 fundamentals of training and development

Amity engineering mechanics paper for aset

Amity university engineering mechanics question paper for aset  year 2015

Amity physics sem 1 paper 2014 aset

Amity university physics question paper for sem 1 aset year 2014

Amity behaviour science sem 1 question paper

Amity university behavior science question paper for sem 1

Gearbox 2 step speed reduction gear box

Hello everyone. I have designed a 2 step speed reduction gearbox. The geartrain has been manufactured by using EN24 steel and plasma nitriding as heat treament.. The gear box case has been manufactured using Aluminum 6061T6. This is what i designed for the our self designed ATV Vehicle for BAJA SAE USA.