At several points of time , there can be many factors which can prove to be boon or forfeit.Also there can be times when the term strength and weakness can be changed interchangeably for some factors like shares, as it can never be determined that what they will bring to the company. A company mainly rests on the shoulders of employees , if there are majority of well educated and trained employees who give all they could to the company , then it can make fair enough profit. More a company invests ,More are the chance of profit, provided the investment is done in right scheme .Choice of a right investment plan is all it takes to strengthen company's revenue.Along with investment comes shares , daily fall and rise in share decides the profit/loss. Machinery also forms a part of company's strength , if there are high tech machines which caters to all the needs of the production and reduces the work of laborers , saves great deal of time as well then of course it is the biggest strength of the company as the productions will be done on a large scale thereby cutting down the manufacturing price to a great extent and the saved money can be invested further in other schemes. Whistle Blowing can prove devastating for a company , it puts the reputation of a company , which it has earned with so many efforts and time , at stake that to all at once.And a spoiled reputation can drown a company to an extent from where it is nearly impossible to re-establish itself.

Indian IT companies Vs International IT companies

Indian IT companies Vs International IT companies International IT companies have an upper hand as they have higher budget and a wider vision with which they can boost up their level and progress in their field and they love walking on new paths rather than following a single one , in international market experiments are quite often seen , international companies try to come up a totally different idea and establish themselves in them as well , they have brighter minds and a great deal of brilliant Indian minds as well.International IT companies offer far better package and job opportunities than indian companies therefore They have all the cream and best of best innovative minds working for them which makes their success sweeter. Scenario in India is a lot different , here we have vision but finance holds it back leaving a part of it in vain.Due to this reason ,International IT companies receives better packages and greater number of investors  than Indian IT companies. Consider this example , If an international company, say US is investing in an indian Company it would be nothing but loss for the company , because the company is investing in dollars and the profit it's receiving is in rupees which makes its growth and progress 60% slower , this is where another loss of an indian Company lies- lack of foreign investors.The difference in values of currency effects a company a lot.