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I upload the book of C++ language of Tutorials Point in this knowledge.Through this book you can find how easy to learn C++ Language.

fuction of army

army function


This knowledge describes some topics such as Magnetic Materials, Properties of Magnet, Magnetic lines of Flux, Induced Magnetism and its law, Non-Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Properties of Materials, Ferromagnetic Domains in Materials, Magnetization, Magnetization by Stroking, Magnetization by Heating and Hammering, Electromagnetism, and DeMagnetization by Heating & Hammering.

The Mahabharat

The mahabharata.

Weapons info


self defence

self defence.

Oxidation-Reduction Reaction

This knowledge consists several topics like Redox Illustration, Oxidtion number, Rules for assigning an Oxidation number, Balancing Redox equation, and also some practice problem and some examples related to topics.


bio mcq