Upsc psychology handwritten notes

Psychology notes available for UPSC Civil Services Exams preparation. The attatchment includes tpics such as psychological model, socio-cultural model, diathesis stress model, major psychological disorders, etc. Explaination is provided for each topic in detail for better understanding. #UPSC

Pub Ad notes for UPSC CSE

Public Administration notes attatched below by Neeraj Singh, AIR 11. The information provided below is for upsc preparation. Notes include topics such as Admin ethics, Admin laws, CS activism, Good governance, kautilya, union government, public policy, reforms, etc.

Pub Ad notes by Kshitij Tyagi

Public Administration handwritten notes by Kshitij Tyagi rank 148 CSE 2011.

Environmental and Bio diversity-UPSC preparation.

The following clip contains chapters of Senior Secondary school education book, Ecologocal concepts and issues. 

UPSC Preparation- Ancient History

Available below NCERT ancient history chapters for the preparation of UPSC Civil services exams. topics included- WHAT, WHERE, HOW AND WHEN?, ON THE TRAIL OF THE EARLIEST PEOPLE, FROM GATHERING TO GROWING FOOD, IN THE EARLIEST CITIES, etc. #IAS #Government Exams preparation

UPSC Preparation- Medieval History

Ncert chapters capsuled together in medieval history. Covers all medieval history relevant book chapters from grade 7th to 12th. Topics included in the attatchment below are TRACING CHANGES THROUGH YEARS,NEW KINGS AND KINGDOMS, THE DELHI SULTANS, THE CREATION OF AN EMPIRE:, etc.#IAS Preparation.

UPSC Preparation- Modern History

NCERT Modern History chapters for UPSC preparation. Topics included are Ruling the Countryside, From Trade to Territory, How, When and Where, Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age, When People Rebel, etc.

Pub Ad notes by Om Kashera

Uploaded in the attatchments below are the handwritten notes of public administration for upsc cse preparation by Om kashera rank 17 in UPSC Exam. This material will help in preparing better for government examinations. #UPSC