SRM University 2nd semester notes CSE

Detailed and to the point notes available in the attatchments for 2nd year students studying computer science. Topics discussed are Bio material, Nano Materials and Nano Technology, handwritten logic gates, overview of c, CONTROL STRUCTURES AND FUNCTIONS, value, ARRAYS, STRUCTURES AND UNIONS, etc #SRMuniversity

SRM University 4th semester notes CSE

CSE relevant notes available in the below attatched Pdf's. Detailed notes by SRM university for 4th semester students, computer science. Topics included and discussed are Data Addressing Modes, Addressing Modes like Register Addressing, Immediate Addressing, Direct Addressing, Register Indirect Addressing, etc. Refer to the attatchments for the same. #SRMuniversity

SRM University 6th semester notes CSE

Attatched below are the 6th semester notes for computer science students of SRM university. The attatchment includes topics such as Software Characteristics, Software Applications, software engineering : A LAYERED TECHNOLOGY, software development life cycle phases, software process models, etc. #SRMuniversity