Pulkit Mangal

I am a learner

Post Graduated from IIM Rohtak

Viden.io from the lens of IIM Rohtak

“Ae GLOBE mat maar” - This was the first reaction of the student community at IIM Rohtak when I introduced them to the benefits of this amazing platform – Viden.io. For all those who don’t know about the lingo in IIMs, GLOBE is a slang used in MBA colleges especially in IIMs when anyone speaks irrelevant and illogical things. Some of the poor souls were mesmerized that whether such a savior can also exist. I got the opportunity to work on a very noble cause- sharing knowledge with the ones who are deprived of it. Welcome to a world of the student community where anyone can access the dearth of knowledge pool. This community is the epitome of democracy – Knowledge of the students, shared by the students, for the students. Viden.io comes handy whenever Google baba is not answering our pleas to find the market share of Unilever in a particular segment in a particular state. The main USP is the quality of content which is shared by the students of premiere institutes. You get to learn new things and expand your vision. I will give you an interesting story here- So there was a case study competition by Marque- The Marketing club of IIM Rohtak about Horlicks. I wanted to find the future prospects and new innovative ways to market the brand image of Horlicks. I tried Google, SlideShare, Scribd- all I got was raw data points which were not updated. Those were not enough for me. Then I thought of giving a try to www.viden.io and Eureka! There was a presentation uploaded by a student of an IIM student. It was very close to what I needed. Viden.io saved my day at that time. Coming to the benefits of viden.io. This platform has multiple ways in which the student community can interact and find out their desired knowledge. One is using the search bar directly and entering the keywords. Second is to go to that category and scroll through the knowledge clips uploaded by other students. This is a good way in case you don’t know the keywords also. As the famous quote by Dalai Lama- “Share your Knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”   Sharing the learnings of the class imbibes a sense of goodness in you. I personally felt very happy after sharing my knowledge to thousands of students in India. I felt that I am giving back to society in this unique way. It has also got the feature of Stash- which helps to bookmark the articles. So it solves the problem of memory issues in your laptop since you don’t need to download anything. You can stash as much as you like. The platform’s user interface is very simple and easy to use. You can simply upload your knowledge clips and articles by a click of few buttons. Sometimes it saves your labor when you find the case study already solved for you by some other student :p As a campus ambassador from IIM Rohtak, I enjoyed a lot working with Viden.io as a part of Live project. It was a steep learning curve for me. I got a chance with a lot of people. It help me improve my communication skills. I got a hands on experience of convincing your clients. The clients in my case were the students of IIM Rohtak. I helped them experience this amazing knowledge sharing platform. It was a fun experience while recording ourselves for creating promotional videos. I got the taster of branding too. I got to know this wonderful resource and will be using it throughout my lifetime. I thank you Viden.io for this wonderful opportunity.


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