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LET US C book by Yashwant Kanetkar pdf 5th edition

Available below is the book 'LET US C' fifth edition by Yashavant P. Kanetkar. Topics in the book include The Loop Control Structure, The Case Control Structure, Functions & Pointers, Data Types Revisited, The C Preprocessor, Puppetting On Strings, etc.

Theory Of Computation by K L P Mishra

Topics discussed in the attatchments are as follows -Design PDA CFG to CNF Simplification of CFG-Part 1 Simplification of CFG-Part 2 Simplification of CFG-Part 3 NFA to DFA NFA with null transitions to NFA without null transitions Minimization of DFA Mealy to Moore Moore to Mealy

Computer Graphics C version by Hearn and Baker

Available below is the book 'Computer graphics c version' by Hearn and Baker in a pdf format. Useful for students of computer science.Topics included are useful for preparation of examinations and competetive exams.

Immune Web (Review)

Who should read it? I recommend everyone who thinks that internet has an important place in there life to read this book. But more importantly this is a must read for: People who use social media on their smartphones Victims of cyber crime or someone who wants to know the source of spam mails Anyone concerned about how to use the web safely What’s in it for you? This guide will help you learn a lot of useful stuff which is all based on personal research & professional experience.  You’ll discover: How men are more insecure on net than women Why does reading terms & conditions matter What makes most passwords just stupid How a comment can take a life And a jumbo ride to the hidden world of Dark Web!

Amity oops c++ paper 2016

Examination paper available for computer science students, studying programming. The attatchment contains the entire OOPS C++ paper, can be used for preparation and revision purpose. All the best! #Amityuniversity

Amity dbms paper 2016

Amity University database management system question paper 2016

Amity introduction to c sem 1 paper

Amity university introduction to c question paper sem 1 aset year 2015

Amity 5cse compiler construction lab file

Available below is the computer science and engineering, semester 5 compiler construction lab file for the students of Amity university. #Amityuniversity

Amity 4cse computer graphics lab file

Amity university, computer science and engineering, semester 4 computer graphics lab fileĀ 

Amity 4cse java programming lab file

Amity university, computer science and engineering, semester 4, java lab file

Amity 4cse operating system lab file

Amity university, Computer science and engineering, semester 4 operating system lab file

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis part 2

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers - Wiley_2